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Chiquis poses dressed as ‘The Grinch’ and shows off her rearguard

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Chiquis dressed as the Grinch Photo: Getty Images)
  • Chiquis dressed as The Grinch.
  • Her boyfriend as Darth Maul.
  • Mixed reactions on social media.

Chiquis has found herself at the center of attention once more following a recent post on her social media.

This Halloween, the regional Mexican music artist chose to dazzle her fans with a distinctive costume that captured the holiday’s festive essence.

Known for stirring up controversy within the Rivera family, the daughter of La Diva de la Banda has consistently been a prominent figure in the public eye.

Chiquis has turned heads on social media with her latest look, yet this has not shielded her from facing some criticism.

Chiquis Rivera causes a stir on social networks

Jenni Rivera, Media, Controversy, Parties, Social Networks
Photo: Mezcalent

The artist took to her social media to share photos and videos where she transformed into «The Grinch,» the classic green character.

She is joined by her boyfriend, Emilio Sánchez, who is dressed as the menacing «Darth Maul» from «Star Wars – The Phantom Menace.»

Initially, Chiquis posted a video revealing her process of getting into character for her iconic Halloween costume.

In it, Jenni Rivera’s daughter is seen sporting an impressive athletic ensemble featuring a skeleton design.

The Grinch and Darth Maul take over Halloween

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Photo: Mezcalent

She then undergoes a remarkable transformation into the well-known green character with a tiny heart, famed for stealing Christmas, albeit in a female iteration.

Accompanying her post, Chiquis penned a brief note stating: «Stealing pumpkins instead of presents this year!»

The costume selection by Chiquis Rivera garnered attention not just for its uniqueness but also for the creativity and zest it embodied.

Her ‘The Grinch’ attire was replete with meticulous details, from the signature green hair to her expansive holiday cheer.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter shows off a costume

Outfit, Image, Celebrity, Performer, Songs
Photo: Mezcalent

Alongside the video, Chiquis also posted a collection of photos where her boyfriend Emilio joins her in the Halloween festivities.

In the snapshots shared on her official Instagram account, the ‘Queen Bee’ songstress is captured in her most alluring poses.

Perched atop a white car, the Mexican regional singer models both inside and on top of a high-end, current model white vehicle.

These posts, naturally, swiftly drew the eyes of her fans as well as those who frequently critique her.

Chiquis shows off her rearguard

Scandal, Television, Chiquis dressed as The Grinch, Festivities, MundoNow
Photo: Mezcalent

But, the photograph that caught the most attention is where Jenni’s daughter was completely shameless and showed off her rear.

While posing in the front of the car, she holds on to the chest with both hands and places one of her legs on top of it.

Turned on her back, Chiquis exposes her rear ‘charms’ in front of the camera while casting a seductive look.

Social media was flooded with enthusiastic reactions from Chiquis’ followers, who praised her outfit and festive attitude.

Reactions on social media

Reactions, Comments, Messages, Followers, Instagram
Photo: Mezcalent

Many commented on how good she looked as «The Grinch» and how she had managed to capture the essence of the character.

Others shared one or another criticism of Chiquis Rivera when she showed off the iconic costume she decided to wear on Halloween.

«The Grinch never looked so good Janney», «Well, the costume didn’t change much for you», «I love this!», «Beautiful Reyna», it reads.

«Epic», «This will always be the best costume», «OMG!», «It looked better on her as a plastic doll», «She looks great», others said.

The creativity and festive spirit of Chiquis

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Chiquis dressed as The Grinch-Photo: Mezcalent

«My favorite Grinch», «How bad», «I don’t know why this made me laugh out loud», «The best costume», shared Internet users.

Your choice of Halloween costume, combining the fun of the holiday with the Christmas spirit, is a display of creativity.

This celebration is a deep-rooted tradition in the United States and in many other places in the world where people are characterized.

People dress up as their favorite characters, monsters, heroes and villains, and has fun participating in events. HERE you can see the photos and HERE the video.

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