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Chiquis Rivera has infallible advice for her followers!

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  • Chiquis Rivera shared some great advice with her followers.
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter was answering questions from her fans.
  • She shared her best life advice.

Chiquis Rivera is an artist who has always been active on social media, sharing her work and her daily life. Now she’s got some advice for her followers on Instagram.

Chiquis Rivera took questions from her followers on Instagram stories. However, there was one that stood out from the rest and the singer did not hesitate to share what she considered her best life advice.

Chiquis Rivera gave advice on Instagram

Chiquis Rivera's first piece of advice was one that he said as a joke
PHOTO Instagram

We do not know whose question Chiquis was answering, but we do know what her advice was. A fan asked her for life advice and Jenni Rivera’s oldest child didn’t disappoint.

«Don’t give the buttocks to any donkey, okay? That’s your power,» she said trying to look serious. «That little thing that God gave you, you have to take care of it because you get dirty and that’s not right,» Chiquis finished, a she began to laugh.

Chiquis Rivera’s real advice

The infallible advice that Chiquis Rivera shared with her followers
PHOTO Instagram

Taking a more serious tone, she said: «Now I’m serious, the life advice I can give you is not to let life or the things in life or negative, toxic people change your essence, change your heart.»

“If there is someone who hurts you, do not pay them back with the same coin. Don’t say, ‘Okay, I’m going to take revenge.’ No, leave it in God’s hands. I know that this is very difficult, I tell you from experience, it is difficult, but it is worth being able to say, you know what? ‘I am going to breathe and I am going to ask God to help me and that he take care of it.’”

She talked about what she was holding

He said goodbye to his fans, but not before clarifying the doubts of what he had in his hand
PHOTO Instagram

Finally, wrapping up her Instagram session, the singer explained something that had intriqued her followers. While answering questions, Chiquis Rivera was holding something in her hand.

It turns out it was just a device for cleaning her teeth, similar to an electric toothbrush. She explained that she had used it before and decided to use it again.

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