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Wow! Chiquis and her sister Jenicka are unrecognizable (PHOTOS)

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  • Chiquis and her sister Jenicka are unrecognizable.
  • Did they both have weight-loss surgery?
  • Jenicka López’s followers are shocked by her incredible change.

Chiquis and her sister Jenicka look unrecognizable! A few months ago, we noticed that Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis, has been looking thinner and better than ever. Many of her fans even say that she seems smaller every time they see her.

However, many didn’t notice that her sister Jenicka López also looks unrecognizable. The plus-size model recently shocked her followers when she posted a photo showing her dramatic weight-loss.

Chiquis looks thinner than ever

PHOTO: Instagram

A few months ago, the Abeja Reina singer’s physical change surprised her fans after Jenni’s daughter had been out of the public eye for a while. It was rumored she underwent bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery involves making the stomach smaller so people lose weight because they can only eat small portions of food. Many internet users believe that’s how she lost so much weight in such a short time.

Jenicka shocked her fans

PHOTO: Instagram

And although Jenni’s daughters have not confirmed whether they underwent weight-loss surgery, the rumors persist. Jenicka López, who is much younger than her sister Chiquis, is also looking very thin these days.

We don’t know as much about Jenicka as about Chiquis, since she’s not as much in the public eye. However, she was always interested in modeling and fashion.

People applaud Jenicka’s new look

Chiquis and her sister Jenicka make an impact by showing their physical change
PHOTO: Instagram

In a recent post, Jenicka was posing in Los Angeles, wearing tight black pants and a tank top. Her followers were shocked by how different she looks

«Wow Jenicka, you look incredible!» «You look beautiful, what a physical change you’ve had.» «A very pretty woman, just like your mother.» «OMG you look incredible.» «Great change Jenicka» «She looks very good with her surgery.» «Surely she had surgery,» some users commented on the photo.

People say Chiquis must have had surgery

Chiquis and her sister Jenicka make an impact by showing their physical change
PHOTO: Instagram

La Lengua Teve shared a photo of Chiquis with a fan. People couldn’t believe how thin the singer looks and many accuse her of having surgery.

«She underwent surgery.» «Why do people say that she continues to lose weight? A ‘knife’ was inserted, just like that.” “Let them say where the bariatric surgery was done.” “Money well invested, she looks skinny.” “She looks very pretty.”

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