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Despite their parents’ fights; Children of Lupillo and Maripily Rivera appear ‘very friendly’

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(Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Lupillo Rivera received his daughter Karizma at La Casa de los Famosos.
  • Maripily Rivera was also surprised by her son JoeJoe.
  • La Casa de los Famosos in its last days.

The fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos is nearing its end, and the finalists received unexpected surprises.

Each of the finalists had their family members join them on last Wednesday’s broadcast.

The rivalry between Maripily Rivera and Lupillo Rivera was «put on hold» when their children Karizma and JoeJoe came to live with them.

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Children of the Rivera enter La Casa de los Famosos

Karizma, JoeJoe, children Lupillo Rivera, Maripily Rivera, celebrities
IG People in Spanish

The production team of La Casa de los Famosos was taken by surprise when the magazine ‘People en Español’ took advantage to capture a curious photo.

While their parents Lupillo and Maripily Rivera are fighting on the reality show, outside, Karizma and JoeJoe, the famous couple’s children, posed happily.

Before entering the house to surprise the finalists, Karizma, also known as Lupita, the daughter of the singer who had a child with Mayeli Alonso, took a photo.

Maripily Rivera’s son, JoeJoe García, posed alongside Karizma in a photo that could well surprise the celebrities when they leave the house.

They receive them very moved

Celebrities, famous, reality show, television

While Geraldine, Paulo, Aleska, Alana, and Romeh were visited by their siblings, father, and mother, respectively, Lupillo and Maripily spent time with their children.

JoeJoe entered dressed in white, which moved Maripily, whom he had already visited on the show, and he even gave a speech thanking everyone.

Meanwhile, Karizma, who is an entrepreneur like her mother Mayeli Alonso, made Lupillo Rivera cry by telling him how proud she is of him.

First nervous and then deeply moved, Lupillo Rivera proudly showed off to his daughter Karizma the endurance he has shown in these four months on the program.

The children of famous people do not get carried away by fights

Rivera, the children, Lupillo, Mayeli, Maripily

In the photo published by ‘People en Español’, people expressed their comments on how happy the children of Lupillo and Maripily Rivera look.

«Karma has come to Lupillo and Maripily if both fall in love,» «Imagine if destiny makes them a couple,» «MP’s son is too noble,» can be read.

But people also opined: «They have nothing to do with their parents’ problems,» «They look cute together,» «That shows the maturity they have.»

«This is the best example to follow,» «Both are more mature than their parents,» «Their parents are falling apart inside and they are happy outside,» wrote more people.

Which of the two Riveras will win?

Rivera, house of famous people, television, Telemundo, celebrities

After receiving their family members, the finalists of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ had dinner together, and Maripily’s son, JoeJoe, very politely gave a speech.

JoeJoe thanked his mom for her support, including Lupillo Rivera despite the strained relationship they’ve had on the reality show.

Meanwhile, Karizma cheered on her dad to endure the last days of La Casa de los Famosos.

There are three prizes to be won this fourth season: $50,000 for third place, $100,000 for second, and $200,000 for first… Where will the Riveras place?

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