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Entre Madres y Doctoras: How to Promote Child Development

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  • Entre Madres y Doctoras share advice for child development.
  • This stage is crucial for children to grow up with the best set of skills.
  • Here are some strategies for motor, intellectual, and additional development.

The education of children might seem obvious to some, but for a mother and father, it can sometimes be scary, and it’s not always clear if one is doing the right thing.

It’s not out of the ordinary that, even though there’s a lot of information about child development, doubts still exist during parenting.

The most impressive thing is that, despite the range of experiences shared every day, we still have doubts about whether we are good parents.

There is no manual on how to be the best parent in the world, but fortunately, we can help each other to make this beautiful stage more bearable. One step at a time, let’s talk about child development.

Child Development

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As busy modern mothers, it’s essential to implement effective habits to ensure we are adequately stimulating our children’s development.

That’s why today you have key advice backed by the pediatrician and proud sister of Evelyn Sánchez:

Promoting motor development: Instead of investing in expensive toys, the importance of giving children opportunities to explore and use their body actively is emphasized.

This can include free playtime on the floor for the little ones, providing balls and objects to kick, and gradually introducing activities like riding a skateboard or a bicycle under supervision.

Assisting Child Development

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Stimulating intellectual development: Early reading is highlighted as a valuable tool.

Even from the first months of life, parents are encouraged to read bedtime stories and interact by asking simple questions related to the story.

This practice not only stimulates intellectual development but also strengthens speech and language skills.

Constant interaction: talking to children throughout the day, narrating their daily activities, and giving them opportunities to follow instructions are key practices.

Limits for Children

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As children grow, the importance of showing interest in their school activities and experiences to foster their intellectual and emotional development is emphasized.

Moderate use of screens: Turning off screens and focusing on real interaction with children is suggested. Preventing electronic devices from replacing quality time with them is essential for healthy development.

Respecting their individuality: She highlights that children are in a constant process of learning and absorbing information.

Therefore, it is essential to be patient and aware of their individual progress, recognizing that small daily actions, such as talking to them and giving them simple responsibilities, can have a significant impact on their development.

You’re on the Right Track

Development of children, Hug, Joy, MundoNow, Podcast

In summary, stimulating children’s development is about taking advantage of everyday life opportunities to interact and learn together.

These tips, backed by the shared experience of the hosts, will help us raise healthy and happy children.

Also, don’t feel like you’re the worst parent in the world, although some feel that way. That has no place in a person who strives to be better and, wonderfully, raises and looks after another living being.

Being part of your child’s development is the most beautiful job in this world. You are doing it splendidly. Entre Madres y Doctoras bids farewell for now. See you! Thank you for your attention!

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