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Wife and son of manager of the “Charros” of Jalisco die in accident

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Charros' manager wife and son die (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Personality from the world of sports in mourning.
  • Tragic accident in Sinaloa.
  • Solidarity in sport.

On a fateful day last Tuesday, January 30, the Mazatlán-Culiacán Maxipista, in the municipality of Elota, Sinaloa, witnessed a heartbreaking accident.

The tragic events claimed the lives of Patricia Carrillo and Bryan Corvera, wife and son of Jorge Corvera, known as «El Chino.»

‘El Chino’ is the manager of the Jalisco Women’s Softball «Charros», according to recent reports.

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The event occurred at kilometer 104, when a trailer overturned and a passenger bus, in an attempt to avoid the collision, crashed violently.

This is how a raging fire ended up breaking out that consumed both vehicles, ‘Infobae’ indicated about the unfortunate events.

The tragic collision resulted in the death of 22 passengers, including Patricia Carrillo and Bryan Corvera, whose bodies were burned in the accident.

El Heraldo de México confirmed that the accident occurred between the communities of Boscoso and Tanques, in the same municipality of Elota.

Wife and son of “Charros” manager die

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

The impact not only devastated the families of the victims, but also shocked the sports world, particularly the “Charros” team from Jalisco.

Through social media, the team expressed its regret in some regrettable farewell words:

«The Charros family of Jalisco deeply regrets the death of Mrs. Patricia Carrillo and the young Bryan Corvera, wife and son of Jorge Corvera,» it reads.

«He is our manager of Charros Softbol Femenil, we wish the Corvera Carrillo family a prompt resignation,» the club wrote in a heartfelt message.

The devastated events shake Mexico

solidarity, baseball, support, community, baseball
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Bryan Corvera, at his young age, already showed promising potential in the world of Mexican baseball.

Part of “Los Tomateritos” from Culiacán in the 2023 Mexican Pacific League children’s tournament, the young man was praised for his outstanding performance in the city of Obregón, Sonora.

His short but outstanding career was abruptly cut short in the fatal accident that left the Corvera Carrillo family in mourning, he indicated for its part El Heraldo de México‘.

The baseball community, shocked by the loss of the appreciated coach, has expressed its support and condolences.

They die fatally: The destination they went to

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Manager’s wife and son die PHOTO: Shutterstock

The Mexican Pacific League Arco, along with 10 teams, came together to express their feelings: «This Caribbean Series is in his memory,» they expressed.

Solidarity has become a fundamental pillar in this difficult moment for the manager of the women’s Softball team.

The deceased passengers, from Guadalajara, Jalisco, were destined for Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

The collision between the trailer and the bus, followed by the raging fire, left a trail of desolation on the road.

Support from the baseball community

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Manager’s wife and son die PHOTO: Shutterstock

In a shocking video shared on ‘X’, players from both the «Diablos» and «Charros» teams are seen mourning the loss of Jorge Corvera’s wife and son.

The community joins in a collective cry, reflecting the solidarity that sport can generate in moments of tragedy.

In comments on ‘X’, users joined the duel: «How nice to see these signs of unity in sport», «A true tragedy, how sad, prompt resignation to the Chino.»

«What a sad scene, quick resignation.» The words of encouragement and solidarity multiply, highlighting the strength of the sports community (SEE A VIDEO HERE), (CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS).

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