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César Sandoval shot and killed a friend and says it was an accident

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César Sandoval shot a friend Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)
  • Cesar Sandoval is accused of the shooting death of a friend.
  • The boy’s father was the one who reported the crime to the police.
  • Sandoval maintains that the case occurred by accident in a car.

César Sandoval is detained in Las Vegas, Nevada, accused of fatally shooting his friend Jazlynn Johnson in a strange case.

The 17-year-old will face justice as an adult, and in his statement to authorities, he maintains that the shooting was accidental.

Jazlynn Johnson, 18, was a transgender girl who was in her friend César Sandoval’s car in the early hours when the tragedy occurred.

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César Sandoval assures that the gun was fired accidentally

César Sandoval, murder, homicide, friend, weapon, pistol
PHOTO: By Cesar Sandoval. PHOTO: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Now, it will be up to a judge in Clark County, Nevada, to determine whether Cesar Sandoval’s story is true or not following the death of the girl.

There’s a very dramatic element to the whole story, as it was Cesar Sandoval’s own father who alerted authorities to the shooting.

Detectives from the Homicide Division of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) are investigating the case.

The cornerstone of the investigation is to establish with certainty through forensic evidence whether what the young man says about the accidental shooting is true.

The boy’s father was the one who called the police

security, police, attack, USA, agents
PHOTO: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

However, what is still not very clear is why a 17-year-old boy was already armed and what he was doing out in the early hours with his friend.

At four o’clock in the morning on Monday, May 6, 2024, young Cesar Sandoval entered his parents’ house very distraught.

According to the case documents, the boy woke his parents by shouting and told them that he had shot his friend Jazlynn Johnson.

During his conversation with his parents, the young man assured them that the shot had accidentally been fired from the gun while they were together.

Jazlynn Johnson was dead with a gunshot to the head

César Sandoval, murder, homicide, friend, weapon, pistol
PHOTO: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Cesar Sandoval asked his parents not to notify the police. The boy’s father heard it but then called the emergency number.

The LVMPD emergency number operators heard the testimony of César Sandoval’s father and sent a patrol car to the house.

In his first conversation with the patrol officers, César Sandoval voluntarily offered details of the events surrounding the death of Jazlynn Johnson.

According to Cesar Sandoval, he was in a gray Honda parked at the intersection of St. Louis Avenue and 14th Street chatting with his friend.

«I did something terrible to my friend!»

security, police, attack, officer, agents
PHOTO: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

LVMPD patrols went to the corner of the incident and found the body of Jazlynn Johnson inside the car in the driver’s seat.

Jazlynn Johnson was leaning on the left side against the door and glass. Based on that, the agents determined that the shot came from the right side.

Ballistics experts determined that the shot had occurred inside the vehicle at close range. Cesar Sandoval then requested assistance from a lawyer.

César Sandoval, in the middle of all the investigations, hugged his mother crying and told her «I did something terrible to my friend!» the documents detail.

Thousands of people die from firearms

César Sandoval, murder, homicide, friend, weapon, pistol
PHOTO: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

For now Cesar Sandoval remains in a cell at the Clark County jail, for young inmates, waiting to face his first legal hearing.

The brutal death of Jazlynn Johnson committed by Cesar Sandoval in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of many violent incidents by Firearms.

According to the organization Gun Violence Archive so far in 2024, 5,953 people were killed in the United States.

As of Monday, May 13, 2024, a total of 10,915 people were seriously injured after being shot in a violent event in the country.

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