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Celia Lora reveals that she had a relationship with a woman

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  • The Playboy model gave details about her relationship.
  • Rumors suggest that it was Lizbeth Rodríguez.
  • Does Celia Lora have a partner now?

The daughter of the Mexican rocker Alex Lora decided to speak out and put an end to the rumors about her sexual orientation, despite being known for being liberal and controversial. Celia Lora herself revealed that she had a relationship with a woman.

The model gave intimate details about herself in an interview on the Montse & Joe show on Unicable. The conversation began by promoting the Playboy magazine cover where Celia Lora celebrates ten years working with the company.

Celia Lora reveals that she had a relationship with a woman

Celia Lora reveals that she was in a formal relationship with another woman
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Celia is naked on the Playboy cover but what really caught people’s attention was that she’s surrounded by beautiful women who are also naked and they’re covering her naughty bits with their hands.

After revealing the cover, the conversation moved on to romance where they highlighted the solid marriage of Celia’s parents. She said that despite this, her relationships have not been like a “fairy tale”.

“She has to cry at night”

"You have to cry at night"
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Montse asked Celia how many boyfriends she had had, as seen in the video on YouTube. Without hesitation, the model replied three. When she was asked about her girlfriends, she explained that only one had been formal.

She also said that even Montse herself knew her and knew of her existence. “Poor woman, she has to cry at night, that she subscribe to my OnlyFans” Celia Lora said with a laugh, confirming that her relationship with another woman had ended a long time ago.

Was her girlfriend Lizbeth Rodríguez?

Was your girlfriend Lizbeth Rodríguez?
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Celia’s response led viewers to wonder if the woman she had been in a relationship with was Lizbeth Rodriguez. On several occasions they have been seen looking very close. They’ve also collaborated on social media content.

In some YouTube videos they even showed themselves doing challenges where they revealed their most intimate details, kissed repeatedly and even dared to share “their first time” pole dancing together. Click here to see a video of Celia Lora and Lizbeth Rodríguez together.

What users think of Celia Lora

Users think of Celia Lora
PHOTO: Youtube video capture

Finally, Celia Lora did not give more details about the mysterious woman she dated. And so far, she has not denied or confirmed whether the speculations are indeed true about whether it is the Mexican influencer Lizbeth Rodríguez.

Some social media users commented: “How wrong is this for Celia, that they invite her just to make the magazine known, but that they have to force the words out of her.” “What a pity that they have guests like that, they do not contribute to anything good.” Click here to see the full interview.

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