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5 celebrities who dabbled in politics

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  • Which celebrities have also dabbled in politics? 
  • Some were more effective than others and some are still making an impact. 
  • Find out how far they’ve come!

Meet five celebrities who dabbled in politics! Sometimes stars and entertainment personalities want to do something more meaningful with their lives. Some have even used their popularity to establish themselves as political activists and more than one has become president.

The transition to political life has been a smooth process for some of these stars, while for others it has led to a series of controversies that have gotten them in trouble with the law. These are five stars who decided to venture into politics!

5. Celebrities who dabbled in politics: Arnold Schwarzenegger

celebrities who dabbled in politics
Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably one of the most successful celebrities-turned-politicians in history, next to Ronald Reagan. In 2003 the Terminator star decided to put his acting career on hold to run as the Republican candidate for governor of California. To the surprise of many, he emerged triumphant and held the position until 2011. During his time in office he promoted various initiatives regarding education, energy production, and the environment.

For eight years, Schwarzenegger was one of the most talked-about Republican figures in the country, but his popularity took a serious hit when it was revealed that he had fathered an illegitimate child with his housekeeper. Many thought he may go back to acting but Schwarzenegger was adamant about staying in politics, and continues to be a voice who fights for the well-being of his country, despite the political divisions.

4. Ronald Reagan

ronald reagan
Getty Images

Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911. He became a successful actor in Hollywood and went on to be elected the 40th President of the United States in 1981, a position he held until 1989. Before that, he had been elected Governor of California for two consecutive terms.

During his political career, Reagan focused on implementing conservative policies, focusing on the economy, reducing taxes and education reform. In addition, he is known for ramping up military spending, especially during the Cold War.

3. Donald Trump

donald trump
Getty Images

For many years, Donald Trump was known as a successful real estate mogul and entertainment personality. He made several guest appearances on television shows and in movies before becoming the host of The Apprentice. In 2015 he took a 180 in his career and was elected the 45th president of the United States.

Trump’s presidency was turbulent and controversial. He was indicted in 2023 for removing classified documents from the White House and was found liable for sexual assault and has been ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll $5 million.

2. Celebrities who dabbled in politics: Kal Penn

Celebrities who dabbled in politics
Getty Images

Kalpen Suresh Modi, better known in Hollywood as Kal Penn, is an actor originally from New Jersey who has participated in successful productions, including the award-winning series House. In 2009 he was offered the position of Associate Director, Office of Public Relations in the Obama administration where he focused on community service, the fight for diversity and education.

He was tapped for the position in order to attract young people interested in political life and develop their ability to serve society.

1. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood
Getty Images

Clint Eastwood is an actor, director, producer and politician who enjoys great prestige not only in film, but also in politics. As a member of the Republican party, he has maintained a conservative profile since 1986, when he was elected mayor of a California city, focusing primarily on urban development and environmental issues.

After serving as mayor, Eastwood has continued to support the Republican Party and, although he has not sought or held political office again, he continues to speak out about conservative issues and candidates.

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