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Celebrities express their support after Pablo Lyle’s guilty verdict

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  • Andrea Legarreta sends a surprising message to Pablo Lyle.
  • The Mexican actor was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
  • Mane de la Parra and Michelle Renaud join the messages of solidarity.

Celebrities support Pablo Lyle after guilty verdict. Yesterday was the last day of the trial of the Mexican actor Pablo Lyle. The jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter after having physically assaulted a 63-year-old man, who was hospitalized after Lyle punched him. He died a few days later.

Pablo Lyle’s case has caused great commotion among his followers and among actors who had the opportunity to share the screen with him. Social media has exploded. Several artists have spoken about it, including Andrea Legarreta, Michelle Renaud and Mane de la Parra.

Pablo Lyle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Andrea Legarreta makes confession
Photo: Instagram

As we well know, we can find all kinds of information on social media, even more so when celebrities are involved in controversies, career achievements or moments of anguish. This was the case with the host of Hoy after Pablo Lyle’s verdict.

Recently Andrea Legarreta shared a photograph on Instagram where she appears together with Pablo Lyle. After he was found guilty, he beautiful Hoy host showed his solidarity with the Mexican actor with a devastating message.

Andrea Legarreta makes an unexpected confession about Pablo Lyle after the verdict

Andrea Legarreta makes confession
Photo: Instagram

Pablo… The pain and sadness that causes me about what he has lived with for more than 3 years as a result of a wrong reaction or impulse, but as human as many and that he never imagined, nor wanted such a tragic result… They say that for a war two or more are needed,” begins the post by Legarreta.

“Here is the result of two people who could have avoided that confrontation and everything would have been so different… Let this terrible situation for the two families serve us all as a lesson, reminding us that reason must be used before a visceral reaction , because it can change our lives, that of our loved ones and the life of others. I know the kind of human being he is!” Andrea Legarreta continued. Filed Under: Andrea Legarreta makes confession

Pablo Lyle’s case shocked many of his colleagues

Andrea Legarreta makes confession
Photo: Instagram

“Pablo never in his life would have wanted someone to die, much less provoke something like that… And I know of his pain and suffering since that fateful day… I also know of his repentance and what has worked in his person spiritually in love and growth… He has done a great interior, mental, acceptance, forgiveness and love work … God protects the two families,” said the presenter of the Televisa morning show.

It should be noted that she was not the only one speak out after Pablo Lyle’s verdict. The charismatic actress, Michelle Renaud, also shared a photograph on her Instagram where she appears next to her good friend, the Mexican actor, with words of solidarity.

Michelle Renaud speaks out about Pablo Lyle’s verdict

Michelle Renaud raises her voice in the face of the problem facing the Mexican actor
Photo: Instagram

“Everything Pablo Lyle is experiencing makes me very sad. I just want to say that I worked with him for many months and I met a father and husband who gives everything for his family, a great companion, very loving and human like everyone else,” the beautiful Michelle Renaud began by sharing.

“Only God knows why he gives us the tests he gives us, but I want to express all my support, love and affection to Pablo, Ana, their children and their entire family. I hope that it is soon that he is where he has to be, with his children,” concluded La Reina Soy Yo star. Filed Under: Andrea Legarreta makes confession.

Mane de la Parra shows his solidarity with Pablo Lyle

Mane de la Parra shows his solidarity with Pablo Lyle
Photo: Instagram

Mane de la Parra also expressed how sorry he is that Pablo Lyle has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Instagram. Like Andrea Legarreta and Michelle Renaud, he posted a photograph with the Mexican actor where he said the following: “Dear #twin and friend @pablolyle I am very sad for everything that you and everyone involved are experiencing.»

“Without a doubt this was a tragedy for both families and for everyone. I can only say that I know your heart that I know the good man you are, I send you all the strength and love in the world. All this leaves a very strong lesson for all of us!! I know that you never wished harm on anyone or thought that this could happen since you would certainly never have done something like that. We can all make mistakes and those mistakes can change our lives,” he continues.

Emotional messages for Pablo Lyle

Celebrities show their solidarity with the Mexican actor
Photo: Instagram

“Hopefully and we all learn that violence should never be the answer but also those who now judge you do not forget that we all make mistakes and we have all made more than one bad decision in life. I am with you today and always! You have always been a great dad, a great friend and a great human being!” is how the text the Lo que ves es lo que soy performer concludes.

Without a doubt, the case of Pablo Lyle has upset  many of his colleagues who have demonstrated it on social media after learning about the jury’s verdict on Tuesday, October 4, the last day of the Mirreyes contra Godinez star’s trial. Filed Under: Andrea Legarreta makes confession.

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