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Video in which Cazzu congratulates Nodal on Father’s Day comes to light

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Cazzu Father's Day, singer - Cazzu día del padre, Nodal Ángela Aguilar, cantante, MundoNOW
Cazzu congratulates Nodal on Father's Day (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Video of Cazzu Congratulating Nodal on Father’s Day Resurfaces
  • Nodal-Aguilar Romance Sparks Controversy
  • Fans Criticize Both Artists

Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar are embroiled in controversy after formalizing their romance just three weeks after the ‘Botella tras botella’ singer announced his split from Julieta Cazzuchelli ‘Cazzu’.

It’s worth mentioning that in response to this situation, social networks have quickly lashed out at both artists.

Nodal has been criticized for trying to get over a failed romantic relationship with a new partner. Ángela Aguilar, who has been called ‘traitorous’ by many internet users.

This is because she used to publicly applaud her current partner’s relationship with the Argentine rapper. She had even expressed her excitement about becoming the aunt to Cazzu and Nodal’s child, Inti.

Cazzu Congratulates Nodal on Father’s Day

Rumors that Nodal and Cazzu had been separated for months have been proven false. Evidence circulating on social media shows that the separation was more recent than thought.

Among criticisms and memes, Cazzu’s last love message to Nodal has gone viral. This message, dated May 8, 2024, is a Father’s Day greeting.

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«Hello love, how are you? I’m sending you this little message to wish you a happy Father’s Day, your first Father’s Day, so it’s very special, I love you very much,» says Cazzu.

«We love you, thank you for being an incredible man, for taking such good care of us, for loving us so much and from Inti and me, we send you a kiss. We love you,” she added.

The video resurfaced in June, just when Nodal and Aguilar confirmed their romance. Many consider this message as Cazzu’s last words of love to her ex-partner.

This has intensified the controversy, as the message came amidst supposed breakup plans. Social media users have not forgiven either of the two artists.

«I’m lost now.» «You’re one of mine, Cazzu, holding your head high and wishing the best for the father of our children despite the pain,» read comments online, according to Infobae.

«Love?» «He didn’t even like that Cazzu, poor thing, she just got pregnant. She fell in love, he didn’t,» were some of the comments.


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Cazzu Congratulates Nodal on Father’s Day PHOTO: MundoNOW

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