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Televisa actress Adriana Laffan’s daughter confirms her cause of death

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Cause of death of Adriana Laffan, actress, Televisa, Mexico, Pneumonia, / Causa de muerte de Adriana Laffan, actriz, Televisa, México, Neumonía,
Adriana Laffan's cause of death / PHOTO Shutterstock
  • Adriana Laffan’s cause of death is revealed.
  • Her rapid decline and emotional farewell.
  • Explore Laffan’s impact on the entertainment world.

The shocking news of the death of renowned actress Adriana Laffan on November 1 left her fans shocked and distraught.

Although, her passing was announced that day, her cause of death has only recently been revealed.

Her daughter, Majo Laffan, confirmed that her mother was diagnosed with pneumonia, shedding light on a silent battle the artist faced until her final breath.

The drama began abruptly, as Majo tells TV Notas journalist Mauro Godoy.

Adriana Laffan’s cause of death

Cause of death of Adriana Laffan, actress, Televisa, Mexico, Pneumonia,
PHOTO Shutterstock

«It was very sudden, it started like a flu,» Majo Laffan told the magazine.

The family was concerned and decided to bring Adriana to the hospital on October 21.

Her labored breathing and intense cough were unsettling signs that could not be ignored.

Later on, the diagnosis confirmed the worst fears… pneumonia.

The actress’s final moments

Illness, Pneumonia, Actress, Televisa, Adriana Laffane,
PHOTO Shutterstock

Over time, the health of the actress, known for her playing Begoña de Godínez in the soap opera Porque el Amor Manda, deteriorated.

Both Majo and her brother Emiliano stayed by their mother’s side the entire time, showing unwavering support during this difficult journey.

«I would ask her, ‘Are you going to get better?'» Majo shares, reflecting her deep concern for her mother’s health. «She would laugh and say, ‘Of course.'»

«Then she started sleeping more and more,» she adds, revealing the actress’s progressive decline.

Farewell to Adriana Laffan

farewell, candle, die, funeral, Death
PHOTO Shutterstock

One day, Majo’s question received a different answer, marking a turning point in her mother’s illness: «‘I’m very tired,’ she said. I felt a hole in my heart,» Majo said.

«‘You and I are a team, and I respect whatever needs to be,'» the model told the actress, highlighting the love and deep connection they shared.

The tragedy reached its peak while Majo was talking to a nurse. «[My mother] stopped breathing,» she painfully recounts.

At that critical moment, she approached Adriana, kissed and hugged her, assuring her that her love would endure beyond physical limitations.

A reminder that life is fragile

funeral, hearse, church, celebrities, entertainment, MundoNOW
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This poignant farewell reflects the courage and strength that characterized the actress’s passing, leaving an indelible legacy in the entertainment industry.

The news that Adriana Laffan’s cause of death was pneumonia emphasizes the importance of awareness about lung health and the need for proactive care.

In an unexpected turn, the talented actress’s death serves as a reminder that, behind the bright lights, personal battles may be waged in absolute silence.

The acting community and fans mourn the loss of a beloved figure while reflecting on the fragility of life and the importance of appreciating every moment.

Remembering the beloved star

Distilling Love, Carrusel, Mexican novels, Chachún, cachún ra ra, Alegrijes y rebujos,
PHOTO Shutterstock

Weeks after her death, the mystery surrounding the sudden passing of the beloved Televisa actress has finally been revealed.

Adriana Laffan died at the age of 63, and thanks to her daughter Majo’s interview with TV Notas, we know her cause of death was pneumonia.

The news of her death saddened the audience that she captivated for many years in her many memorable roles.

Among them, her notable productions were Carrusel, Chachún, Cachún Ra Ra, Alegrijes y Rebujos, Cómplices al Rescate, and Clase 406.

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