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La Casa de los Famosos 4 begins and the unexpected happens

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Casa Famosos 4 participants, Contest, Actors, MundoNow, News / Casa de los famosos, Contest, Actors, MundoNow, News
La Casa de los Famosos 4 begins (PHOTO: Telemundo)
  • La Casa de los Famosos 4 starts
  • Celebrities enter the house
  • Who is your favorite?

The most anticipated reality show in the United States has begun, La Casa de los Famosos season 4 has begun and the stars are preparing to enter the famous house.

‘La Casa de los Famosos’ returns to television starting this Tuesday, January 23, where we will meet the celebrities who will enter this program.

Each participant must prove week after week that they must remain in the show in order to become the winner.

This program’s content is a group of celebrities who lock themselves in a house without being able to communicate with the outside world.

The famous Telemundo reality show begins

Casa Famosos 4 starts, Telemundo, reality show, USA, MundoNOW
The House of the Famous 4 starts PHOTO: Twitter Capture

Something that sees them forced to only coexist with each other and by nature triggers lawsuits and controversies.

What has also become common is for the members to make revelations about their lives, as well as their attitude in the most everyday situations.

It is worth mentioning that this new installment can be followed live through the official Telemundo site (

Likewise, on the television channel; In addition, summaries will be made on social media with the highlights that happen at every moment.

Sylvia del Valle makes her appearance

Sylvia del valle, reality show, USA, MundoNOW, celebrities,
La Casa de los Famosos 4 kicks off PHOTO: Mezcalent

Among the participants who will surely win the hearts of social media users is radio host Sylvia del Valle.

The announcer comes to the program with a great attitude and ready to win the reality show.

When she arrived in the United States with her family, when she was just a young girl, she had to work a lot to get ahead.

It is worth mentioning that La Bronca entered the Telemundo program accompanied by former baseball player José Reyes, better known as ‘La Melaza’.

Lupillo Rivera enters the house

Lupillo Rivera, reality show, USA, MundoNOW, Singer,
La Casa de los Famosos 4 kicks off PHOTO: Mezcalent

The famous Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera makes his appearance in La Casa de los Famosos, and he did it only as he knows how.

And Jenni Rivera’s brother appeared singing ‘Cielito Lindo’ and his first words were some tips for flirting with women.

Entering alongside Maripily Rivera, however, both had to make an important decision for the first day at the show.

Both celebrities had their first dilemma and entered the house choosing the option of stealing all the coffee in the house without them realizing it or sleeping together in a single bed for a whole week?

The Bronca in La Casa de los Famosos

Casa Famosos 4 starts, Bronca, Telemundo, USA, MundoNOW
La Casa de los Famosos 4 kicks off PHOTO: Telemundo

Sylvia del Valle, better known as La Bronca, is one of the most anticipated participants by Hispanics, thus becoming one of the favorites to be the winner.

The charismatic radio host will immerse herself in this television experience that promises strong emotions and unexpected challenges.

Previously, she revealed that her husband told her to take on this new challenge in her life, that she had full support.

The host originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, arrives as one of the most influential personalities on American radio for Latinos.

The first participants

Reality show, participants, USA, MundoNOW
La Casa de los Famosos 4 kicks off PHOTO: Telemundo

Likewise, the reality will be hosted by Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gállego, who welcomed the contestants.

And it can also be seen through the official Telemundo channel on the respective cable system, according to the portal Marca.

The first participants to enter this fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos were Thali Garcia and Gregorio Pernía.

It is worth mentioning that Daniela Alexis «La Bebeshita» and Robie Mora made the decision to enter the program dressed as Siamese twins.

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