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Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval shamelessly displays her breasts on Tik Tok (VIDEOS)

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  • Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval shows her breasts in a daring video on Tik Tok and Instagram
  • The ex-host of Suelta la Sopa, from Telemundo, provokes the most controversial reactions
  • The video has been so successful that it almost reaches 300 thousand views

Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval, the controversial ex-host of Suelta la Sopa, from Telemundo presumes her breasts through a video on her Tik Tok account that she replicated on Instagram and generates the most controversial opinions.

It all happened through a video on his bill of Instagram in which she shows her attributes without shame, clad in a black top.

This audiovisual material generated so much expectation that until the morning of this September 4, 2020 it had generated almost 300 thousand reproductions and had more than thousand 64 comments of all kinds.

Tik Tok

Image taken from Instagram @venenosandoval

As always, the presenter did not hesitate to post a controversial message that to the letter says: “Oh my God how rich life is beautiful and you have to focus on being happy.”

Since she was fired from Telemundo’s Suelta la Sopa program, the Venezuelan has been very active on her social networks.

However, their appearances are not to everyone’s liking, so they immediately let you know in their comments.

Ignoring these, the famous host continues with her entertainment programs, but without neglecting her daring poses and outfits.

In recent days he has been seen showing his body with different swimsuits, bikinis and even thongs in the middle of the street.

On the next page you will see the controversial video in which Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval shows her breasts without any reservation.

As we promised, here we share the video of Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval, in which she shows her breasts with a top and daring dance, which she shared from Tik Tok and instagram.

Immediately the strong criticism began and one of them asked: “What have you been smoking lately?”

Also another person said: “How crazy ridiculous.”

“I liked her before, now it’s a bit too bad”, “I think she had neither childhood nor adolescence, the good thing is that it is never too late to be happy”, “there are definitely people who are hit by the crisis of the middle age more than others” more people told him.

Other netizens admired her spirit and attitude, but also admitted that she lacks rhythm: “Nice, but no rhythm hahahaha.”

“Ridiculous it is no longer funny what she does”, “well I think she is a very intelligent and pretty woman and she does not need to do this”, “if to earn money she has to be doing so many ridiculous things, she is not happy for her as he says, I feel sorry for that lady ”, criticized other followers.

But people did not release criticism and others suggested that: “Get a job now,” “pretty Carolina, but don’t exaggerate, you can get sick”, “the washing machine, I mean no rhythm anywhere”, “you seem possessed”.

To see the video click here.

Tik Tok

Image taken from Instagram @venenosandoval

The criticism of the video in which Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval shows her breasts in Tik Tok, did not end and people kept saying offensive words.

“I say the same before you were more real now you are a complete clown, you see yourself as a person who wants to attract attention so that they do not stop following you because if you do not receive money from social networks,” said a follower.

Some more people said: “Stop shitting, get to work”, “Well, if this lady doesn’t come out semi naked, she doesn’t come out, poor thing”, “from journalist to entertainer”, “but what a ridiculous old woman by God”, “like this or more ridiculous, cover that thing that hangs you, woman ”.

Each time the offenses rose more and more in tone: “It is getting boring and expensive”, “but why so exaggerated? … They say that when they tend to attract attention and show you very nice, it is because inside you are taking the chin …! And that’s what you show2.

“It’s already boring, it doesn’t go through the same movements. That he smokes something else, maybe he dances differently ”,“ these people who do these antics seem possessed, one day they will go out without panties just to win easily ”and“ they don’t change the steps ”, were other criticisms of the ex-driver of Suelta la Sopa, from Telemundo.

To see the video click here.

Tell me what you know

Image taken from Instagram @venenosandoval

This is how people did not settle for what other followers had already said and continued with the ‘thrashing’ for Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval who showed her breasts without shame on Tik Tok.

“This now is believed to be a pure star to move and show … what a pod, I was a follower, but now it does not cause me to see her”, “Why not change the filter? It’s always the same, I like how you look and everything, you’re not funny anymore, all your videos are the same, change the filter ”, were some critics.

Some more Internet users said: “So ridiculous old woman and we… already behave at your age”, “poor little Carolina what it seems is that you are going into a trance, God lower her 2 that does not do you well, sit down and think well how long you can do this . you are an intelligent professional to locate yourself that you will have many successes ”.

But some people congratulated her: “I would like to have the energy that you have Caro, you are a wonderful woman. May God always bless you with many greetings.”

Someone else commented: “Beautiful and a spectacular body I envy you well … and the phenomenal wig … let’s continue,” they encouraged the ex-host of Suelta la Sopa, from Telemundo.

To see the video click here.

Venom Sandoval breasts

Image taken from Instagram @venenosandoval

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