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Carlitos Calderón reveals important new project

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Carlos Calderón's new project (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Is Carlitos Calderón coming back to television?
  • Digital project excites followers.
  • Success and support on social media.

The renowned Mexican presenter Carlos Calderón has disclosed his upcoming venture in his professional career.

Carlitos has created a buzz on social networks with the announcement he made last Monday, November 27, to his thousands of followers.

The year 2023 marks a period of significant transformations for Calderón, especially after his unexpected departure from Univision earlier this year.

Recently, he has shifted his focus to the business world and devoted time to caring for his beloved two-year-old son, León.»

Carlos Calderón shares new project

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Photo: Mezcalent

Afterward, Carlitos began his collaboration on Telemundo’s ‘Hoy Día’ morning show, much to the delight of his fans who were thrilled to see him back on television.

They even expressed a strong desire for him to become the main host. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow for his permanent role on the show.

«The collaboration with ‘Hoy Día’ was a wonderful experience for me,» Calderón shared during an interview with the Mezcal TV program.

He elaborated, «We were working there for about a month and a half,» explaining the duration of his stint on the show, after being questioned about his time since leaving ‘Despierta América’.

Former host of Despierta América makes announcement

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Photo: Mezcalent

«However, Calderón noted that the current conditions were not favorable for him to formally join the program,» the Mexican presenter concluded.

With just over a month left until the end of the year, Carlitos Calderón has shared exciting news on social media.

He has promised to keep connecting with his audience through various digital platforms.

Via his official Instagram account, the former Univision personality released a video to share details about his new project.

Carlitos Calderón begins a new adventure

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Photo: Mezcalent

In doing so, he announced that he would be returning to screens, but not through a traditional television network.

The iconic former host of ‘Despierta América’ revealed that he would host his own show, but it would be exclusively online.

His new project is titled ‘The Carlos Calderón Show,’ a podcast that will be available on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify.

The first episode is already available and features a special guest: the acclaimed musician and producer Emilio Estefan.

Expectations around the new show

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Photo: Mezcalent

In the video posted on his Instagram profile, Carlitos Calderón showcased the logo of his new internet show.

Additionally, the recording includes snippets from his new episode featuring the successful producer Emilio Estefan.

This announcement has been met with overwhelming joy from Calderón’s followers, who have expressed their enthusiasm and support across social media platforms.

Ever since his stint on the ‘Hoy Día’ program, many of his fans have been eager for him not to step back from television but to continue his presence on the show.

Support from his colleagues

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Photo: Mezcalent

The Instagram post by the Mexican presenter, Carlitos Calderón, was inundated with numerous reactions from both followers and colleagues alike.

‘Finally, you can tell,’ exclaimed his current partner, Vanessa Lyon; ‘Bravo!’ cheered Maity Interiano; ‘Congratulations,’ offered Jackie Guerrido.

‘Wishing you much success,’ wrote Adriana Catano; ‘Successes!’ added Georgina Ulmos; Giselle Blondet expressed her excitement with emojis.

His followers joined in with comments like, ‘What joy! God’s timing is perfect,’ ‘Finally, you were needed,’ ‘I won’t miss it,’ and ‘Good luck, congratulations.'»

Reactions on social media

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Is Carlitos Calderón returning to television? -Photo: Mezcalent

«Many blessings,’ ‘In good time,’ ‘We love you very much,’ ‘Good for you,’ ‘Congratulations, Carlos!’ ‘You are all professional,’ his fans shared, expressing their admiration and support.

The announcement from Carlitos Calderón has filled his thousands of fans with excitement and high expectations for his new venture.

The Mexican presenter is widely regarded as one of the most charismatic and professional figures in Hispanic television.

HERE you can see the advertisement of the new podcast by Carlitos Calderón and HERE you can hear the first episode.

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