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Carlos Adyan is criticized over harsh comments about El Molusco

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Carlos Adyan is criticized (Photo: Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Carlos Adyan is criticized.
  • He had harsh words for El Molusco.
  • Opinions online are divided.

Carlos Adyan found himself in a heated discussion on social media after expressing his displeasure with Jorge Pabón, better known as ‘El Molusco’.

On En Casa con Telemundo, Adyan voiced his objections to remarks made by the other host. Meanwhile, El Molusco criticized Yailín La Más Viral.

Adyan made no secret of his irritation with El Molusco, sparking mockery from the latter. Adyan has since responded to these jabs on social media.

Carlos Adyan at odds with El Molusco

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On his YouTube channel, El Molusco played Yailín’s song ‘La Más Viral’ along with her new music, a move that irked Carlos Adyan.

«He’s Puerto Rican and he’s meddling in things that don’t concern him,» remarked Adyan on En Casa con Telemundo.

«Molusco has a nasty habit of picking on Dominicans because they bring in views,» the host added.

These comments only further irritated Pabón, who promptly responded on his YouTube show.

El Molusco responds

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«He’s on a show where he gives opinions about everything. The very thing you’re using against me, I can use against you,» he continued.

«He’s butting into things that aren’t his business… What this guy is saying is ludicrous,» El Molusco declared in the video.

«Echoing words like a parrot, this is the same guy whose tooth fell out, right? It happens,» he concluded sarcastically.

Carlos Adyan defends himself

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Carlos Adyan was not happy with what El Molusco said on his YouTube video.

Consequently, he took a video clip of what the comments and responded to the accusations leveled against him on his official Instagram account.

«I don’t just echo words like a parrot. The truth is the truth… You seem to enjoy speaking ill of women, demeaning them,» he began.

«I might lose a tooth or even a thousand, but I’ll never lose my manners or my dignity just for an interview. And since you claim to know me, don’t even try,» he concluded.

Social media users respond

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People En Español shared the post on their official Instagram account.

In the comments, some people voiced their opinions about the Telemundo presenter and the ongoing controversy.

While some praised his talent, others vehemently criticized him, with some even saying he’s ‘the worst’.

Some even called him problematic, questioning his role on the TV show.

What did people say?

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«He does his job very well.» «He is decent and respectful.» «It’s no big deal, he’s a good guy,» were some of the comments.

«This guy seems to always want to stir the pot. I don’t know why Telemundo keeps him around; he’s so problematic,» another user remarked.

«Someone needs to bring him back to earth; his arrogance is evident. Remember, it’s easy to rise, but the fall can be painful,» noted another person.

«That young man loves to comment on controversial topics, thinking he’s always right. His remarks often rub people the wrong way,» said another.

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