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Telemundo’s Carlos Adyan is criticized after marrying his boyfriend in Mexico

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Carlos Adyan gets married in Mexico (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Carlos Adyan gets married in Mexico.
  • The wedding sparks controversy online.
  • It was a unique, spiritual ceremony.

Carlos Adyan, host of En Casa con Telemundo, married his boyfriend, businessman Carlos Quintanilla.

This event took place in a private ceremony in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The wedding, which occurred last weekend, was a significant event for both the popular couple and their guests.

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Carlos Adyan gets married in Mexico

Presenter, Television, Celebrities, Union, Carlos Adyan gets married
Photo: Mezcalent

The ceremony was noted for being a «spiritual wedding,» as Carlos Adyan described it in an interview with Alejandro Chabán.

The host explained that the couple decided not to involve religion or God in their nuptials.

«We call it a spiritual wedding because obviously, we are not going to do it through the church, although the Pope now blesses gay marriages,» Adyan said.

«We didn’t want to involve that because we know there are people who are very sensitive about the topic of religion and I as a believer also respect everyone’s religions,» he added.

An unusual ceremony

Wedding, Vows, Marriage, Religion, Controversy
Photo: Mezcalent

«It has nothing to do with God, although I love God and am a strong believer in God,» he clarified during the conversation with Alejandro Chabán.

The event was attended by family and close friends, as well as several celebrities from the entertainment world.

Among the attendees were Héctor Sandarti, Zuria Vega, Marimar Vega, María Celeste Arrarás, Jimena Gállego, Chiky Bombom, Andrea Meza, Nacho Lozano, Manelyk and Jacky Bracamontes.

The wedding’s decor, inspired by the colonial charm of San Miguel de Allende, included flowers and personalized details that reflected the couple.

It was an intimate ceremony

Controversy, Social Networks, At home with Telemundo, Scandal, Personalities
Photo: Mezcalent

Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla wore elegant yet simple suits, in line with the intimate and personal style of the ceremony.

The most emotional moments of the event included Adyan’s walk to the altar and the exchange of vows and rings.

However, the decision to have a spiritual wedding instead of a traditional religious ceremony sparked various reactions on social media.

While some applauded the couple’s courage to follow their own path, others criticized their decision to exclude God from the ceremony.

Controversy after Carlos Adyan’s wedding

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Carlos Adyan gets married in Mexico / Photo: Mezcalent

Some were upset to see the couple get married, arguing it was wrong as marriage should be between a man and a woman.

«Not even Princess Diana dared so much.» «He thinks he’s a lady.» «God said man and woman.» «What a horror, this world is getting crazier,» were some comments.

«I hope you lose your arrogance.» «I’m not one to judge, but this isn’t right.» «I don’t agree with same-sex marriage,» others shared.

«God created man and woman in union. Not that.» «That’s why the world is upside down.» «Congratulations.» «Long live love.» «Blessings.» «Good for you,» some commented.

Carlos Adyan chose not to have a religious ceremony

Showbiz, Speculation, Shock, MundoNOW, Carlos Adyan
Photo: Intstagram / Carlos Adyan

Despite the criticism, Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla’s friends and family supported their decision not to have a religious wedding.

It will be remembered as a special moment in the fight for equality and love.

To see photos from the wedding click HERE.

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