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Carlos Adyan reveals what it was like to be Marc Anthony’s personal assistant

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Carlos Adyan and Marc, Host, Bond, MundoNow, News
Carlos Adyan and Marc Anthony (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Carlos Adyan and Marc Anthony.
  • Reveals what it was like to be his assistant.
  • A friendship within the medium.

Carlos Adyan, renowned host of ‘En Casa con Telemundo’, has revealed details of his close relationship with the iconic singer Marc Anthony.

In an interview, he spoke about how a years-long friendship profoundly influenced his personal and professional life.

Adyan shared insights into his bond with the performer, recalling his time as the artist’s personal assistant before rising to fame in the television world.

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Photo: MundoNow

A connection that transcended mere professional boundaries was evident in the special roles that Marc Anthony and his wife, Nadia Ferreira, played at Adyan’s wedding to Carlos Quintanilla.

During an interview with Mezcal TV, which People en Español shared, the host underscored the singer’s continual presence and support throughout his career.

«I worked with Marc about eight or nine years ago, before joining Telemundo. I was his personal assistant, and we have stayed in touch since then,» Adyan revealed.

He further added to his statements, «Marc has always been there for me during key moments in my life, from my graduation to other significant events.»

Carlos Adyan on his friendship with the singer

Host, Telemundo, Program, Television, Celebrities
Photo: Mezcalent

The friendship between both personalities, Carlos Adyan and Marc Anthony, along with Anthony’s wife, Nadia Ferreira, has strengthened over time.

This bond between the couple and the Telemundo presenter grew particularly during their involvement in beauty pageants like Miss Universe.

This close relationship has become a fundamental pillar in Carlos Adyan’s life.

Furthermore, in his interview with Mezcal TV, Adyan reflected on his experience as a personal assistant, describing it as leaving an indelible mark on his life.

Links beyond work

Artist, Singer, Celebrities, Entertainment, Friendship
Photo: Mezcalent

«I worked with Marc about eight or nine years ago, before I joined Telemundo. I was his personal assistant,» he shared exclusively with Mezcal TV.

«He always reached out to me during significant moments, like my graduation and various other events, even while I was working at Telemundo,» he added.

«We have become closer because I am also very good friends with Nadia, his wife. One thing led to another,» Adyan revealed.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of organization, a skill he honed while managing Marc Anthony’s demanding schedule.

Lessons learned from a unique experience

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Photo: Mezcalent

«What I learned most was the importance of being organized. People often see on my social media that I’m doing one thing here, another there,» he emphasized.

«One had to adhere to a schedule that carried greater responsibility, as it wasn’t my own but his,» the host confessed.

Carlos Adyan added, «That experience definitely shaped me significantly, enabling me to handle everything. As you can see, I am involved in numerous activities.»

This learning experience marked a turning point in his career, providing him with the necessary structure to juggle multiple responsibilities effectively.

Transformation and sincerity along the way

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Carlos Adyan and Marc Anthony-Photo: Mezcalent

«Despite the brevity of her tenure as a personal assistant, lasting only about three months, the experience was crucial in defining her passions and goals.

Her transition into the world of cameras and television was greatly influenced by her honesty and desire to pursue her true passion.

‘I didn’t stay long as a personal assistant; it was a decision I made myself. I was always honest with him, telling him that my passion lay in television. It was a natural transition,’ Adyan explained.

The relationship between Carlos Adyan and Marc Anthony is a tale of influence, learning, and sincerity, as highlighted by People en Español.

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