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Caravan of more than 15,000 migrants may be heading to the southern border

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  • A caravan with about 15,000 migrants is forming.
  • It departed from Chiapas headed to the United States.
  • They come from Central America, Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti.

WILL ANOTHER CARAVAN LEAVE MEXICO? Authorities announce that a caravan with about 15,000 migrants is preparing to leave southern Mexico, heading towards the US border. The migrants come from Central America, Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti. They have timed the caravan to coincide with the Summit of the Americas.

Although the weather conditions have been difficult, the migrants continue a march that could last several days and they have declared that «nobody will stop them». For the time being, the government of Mexico has not made any statements in this regard and the US government pointed out that they are ‘waiting’ for the migrants to arrive.


Photo: Twitter

Early Monday morning, thousands of migrants were reported to be joining the caravan of nearly 15,000 migrants, to leave Tapachula, Chiapas, heading for the US border. The migrants, who come from Central America, Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti, are eager to enter the country. They are calling for Title 42 repeal.

The foreigners, mostly Venezuelans, Central Americans and Africans, are making their first destination a new office of the National Migration Institute (INM) where they can normalize their status in Mexico because in Tapachula they can’t get humanitarian visas, the EFE agency said. For now, the caravan will continue through various states of the Aztec country.

Does it coincide with the Summit of the Americas?

US border migrant caravan: Do they coincide with the Summit of the Americas?
Photo: Twitter

The caravan’s supporters said they wanted to draw attention to their plight by timing their journey to coincide with this week’s Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. It was estimated to include between 4,000 and 5,000 migrants, mostly from Central America, Venezuela and Cuba, The Associated Press noted. At the moment, it is expected to arrive at the border in the next few days.

Under heavy rain, covered with umbrellas, cardboard, bags, raincoats and towels, they set off at 6:30 local time (11:30 GMT) regardless of the adversity of the weather. In a first section, they walked more than 8 kilometers, so they have already passed the first immigration checkpoint, where some members of the National Guard (GN) and the INM were. They limited themselves to observing the advance of the contingent, EFE indicated. Filed Under: US Border Migrant Caravan

One of the largest caravans of the year?

US border migrant caravan: One of the largest caravans of the year?
Photo: Twitter

It is the largest caravan of migrants trying to leave southern Mexico this year, although a much larger group was detained last year in Guatemala. Mexican authorities eventually broke up the others through a combination of force and offers to resolve their cases more quickly, the AP reported.

The migrants are hoping to receive the support of President Joe Biden, who promised to support Haitian communities after announcing that Title 42 had been withdrawn. As migrants pass through various states, it is expected that more people will join and the increase will be reflected in the coming days. Filed Under: US Border Migrant Caravan

Is the road to the border complicated?

Is the road to the border complicated?
Photo: Twitter

Many carried children in their arms or on their backs, using plastic sheets or blankets to protect them from the persistent rain. They walked from the southern city of Tapachula to a town about 10 miles (15 kilometers) away before stopping to rest for the night, The Associated Press reported.

For months, migrants and asylum seekers have complained that Mexico’s strategy of containing them in the far south of the country has made their lives miserable. Many carry significant debts from their migration and there are few job opportunities in southern Mexico.

Did the migrants increase?

Did the migrants increase?
Photo: Twitter

Migrants complain that delays in visa application paperwork have trapped them in Tapachula, a city near the Guatemalan border. On Monday, a group of migrants tried to escape from a detention center in Tapachula by climbing onto one of the center’s roofs. However, police and the National Guard surrounded the center and prevented any escape, the AP noted.

The Mexican government reported this weekend an increase of 89% year-on-year in the number of migrants presented or channeled by the immigration authority in the first quarter of 2022, adding 77,626 from January to March, highlighted the EFE agency. It is expected that, in a short time, the numbers will continue increasing.

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