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Car Paint Care: Tips for a Shiny and Well-Maintained Finish

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Car Paint Care, take care of car paint / cuidar pintura del auto
Car Paint Care / PHOTO: MundoNOW
  • Car paint care tips: The washing technique must be applied correctly
  • Polishing the car is also a good alternative to care for the paint
  • An expert explains how to carry out an effective wash to prevent paint deterioration

One of the actions most drivers take is to care for their car’s paint to prolong its durability and original shine.

Driving a well-painted car, whether classic or modern, is a matter of aesthetics and luxury, a preference for many drivers today.

However, strong impacts in the cabin, environmental conditions, and scratches ultimately lead to the deterioration of the paint over time.

This also implies allocating the necessary resources to carry out restoration work by experts.

How to Care for Your Car’s Paint?

Car Paint Care, how to take care of car paint, car wash, car wash, Motor, MundoNOW

In the United States, painting work can cost around $900. In case your purchasing power is limited, here comes the dilemma—how to care for your car’s paint?

Experts maintain that washing the car frequently and giving it a good polish using the right products are essential alternatives that will keep the vehicle’s body in good condition.

Without spending a lot of money and affecting your budget, here are several ideas to leave your car as it was on the day you bought it from the dealership.

These are the four steps to start caring for the car’s paint in a simple way and without many limitations.

1. Remove Impurities

car paint care, sponge, wash, technique, specialist

One of the first actions you must take is to remove the dirty dust, stains, or impurities embedded in the vehicle’s body.

You can achieve this with high-pressure water generated by an air compressor.

Try to quickly remove bird droppings; besides being unpleasant, they are difficult to remove once they are dry.

Additionally, bird droppings dull the paint and cause scratches along the body.

2. Wash with Water and Soap

white car, wash car, car wash, sponge, MundoNOW

After removing impurities from the car, add a water and soap solution to start the cleaning process.

It is advisable to use a thick sponge that is easy to handle, which will help leave the body impeccable and shiny.

Use a special car wash soap, which you can find in almost any store.

Make long, light movements to remove dirt.

3. Drying and Protection Process

clean, cloth, specialist, cleaning car, workshop
Car Paint Care / PHOTO: MundoNOW

Before proceeding to drying, you have to make sure not to leave soap residue on the body.

After thoroughly washing the car, proceed with drying, for which it is advisable to use a chamois leather towel.

The application of this chamois allows for quick and optimal drying of the external part of the car.

The chamois leather towel is soft, permeable, and most importantly, it absorbs a lot of water without leaving lint.

4. Give Your Paint a Good Polish

polish, polishing, maintenance, Motor, MundoNOW

Experts recommend spraying a special liquid to polish the body and thus protect the paint from the sun and humidity.

Attention! You can start polishing from the front of the car using circular movements.

When the special liquid is dry on the surface, remove the polish with a dry towel to eliminate scratches and dirt.

Remember that caring for your car’s paint depends on you, and we hope these tips are of vital help.

One Last Trick: Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola, polishing tires and terminals, uses of Coca-Cola, Motor, MundoNOW

Coca-Cola is not only a refreshing soda but is also used as an anticorrosive and cleaning formula.

According to documentary sources, fizzy Coca-Cola contains pH levels that hover around two points, effectively shaking off rust from metallic fragments.

Without a doubt, it is a very common task in several Latin American countries that you can do yourself from your garage.

With Coca-Cola, you can shine the tires and remove corrosion from the terminals that connect to your car’s battery.

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