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Canta, Rana, canta; Sing, Froggie, Sing

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Children like repetitive stories because they are fun to hear, and adults like them because they are fun to read aloud. Both will find this retelling of a traditional folk song—which features different animals and humans being told to “hush” as each attempts to sing—a deeply satisfying read.

Similar in structure to The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, the story begins with a frog that wants to sing, followed by a fly, then a bee, all the way to Abuela, and back again. The Spanish and English text appears in large bold letters, complemented by artwork that draws readers into the story and adds more details as it progresses.

What Canta Rana offers

A couple of books with stories embodied in them

The family unit is presented as a child, mother, father, and grandmother, and a wide variety of animals are included. The music and complete lyrics to the song in both languages can be found in the back of the book. This will surely become a favorite in many homes. —Reviewed by Bianca Elliott, PhD., High School and University Educator

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