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Canelo’s wife is criticized for «belittling» Emily Cinnamon at her own party

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Esposa Canelo Álvarez suegro Saúl Santos Fernanda Gomez
  • Fernanda Gómez is attacked again on social media.
  • Did she want to steal the show from Emily?
  • What happened at the luxurious party?

Canelo Álvarez celebrated his eldest daughter last weekend as Emily Cinnamon had a luxurious birthday party where Grupo Firme was the main attraction. The celebration was highly commented on, as was the beautiful dress that the quinceañera wore.

Canelo’s wife, Fernanda Gómez, is the mother of his youngest daughter and she is not Emily’s mother. The influencer and businesswoman shared her own highlights from the party but she didn’t expect to be attacked by Instagram users.

A great party for Canelo’s spoiled daughter

A great party for Canelo's spoiled daughter
PHOTO: Instagram

Although Emily Cinnamon Álvarez actually turned 17 years old (she was born in October 2005), she decided to throw a quinceañera. She is the oldest of the athlete from Guadalajara’s four children by four different women. Apparently, her party was delayed due to Covid-19.

After a mass celebrated in the Guadalajara Cathedral, the quinceañera wore three dresses throughout the night, by designer Wil Medina, who was one of the guests and shared several of the moments on his social networks. FILED UNDER: Canelo’s wife criticized

Emily’s beautiful dress

Emily's beautiful dress
PHOTO: Instagram

On Saturday, October 15, the eldest daughter of the popular Mexican boxer celebrated her birthday with a party that has already been called one of the most important social events of the year — and her outfits are proof of this. Emily Cinnamon chose a spectacular red dress with a long train with a bouquet of flowers of the same color.

The person in charge of making Emily Cinnamon’s dazzling dresses was Wil Medina, a famous designer from northern Mexico, who has gained great popularity thanks to social networks like TikTok where his designs have gone viral. That may be why the Álvarez family trusted the Mexican designer to create dresses for the party.

Did Emily’s stepmother steal the show?

Canelo's wife criticized: Emily's stepmother stole the show?
PHOTO: Instagram

Fernanda Gómez, who is the Mexican boxer’s wife and mother of his fourth daughter, went to her stepdaughter’s party with her husband and, of course, little María Fernanda Álvarez was also at her older sister’s celebration.

But Fernanda’s Instagram followers began to criticize her for her outfit and for not including the birthday girl in her posts. They even accused Canelo’s little daughter of wanting to steal attention from her sister at the party.

Emily wasn’t taken into account

PHOTO: Instagram
«Beautiful but where is Emily?» Fernanda was asked in a series of photographs that she shared of herself with her husband, showing her spectacular pink mermaid dress and her daughter Marina Fernanda. «She’s showing off Emily’s party, but she didn’t take any pictures with her.»
“Hahahahahaha in the party without the quinceañera… how’s that? Hahaha.» “Exactly… also, as always, trying to stand out more than the birthday girl, changing her outfit, attracting attention.” «If the lady goes to mass like this, I don’t want to imagine what she would wear for a party!!!»

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