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Canela.TV will present more than 100 classic films from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

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Canela.TV will present classic films (Photo: Canela Media)
  • Canela TV will present classic movies.
  • More than 100 productions available.
  • Remembering the Golden Age.

Films with iconic stars such as Pedro Infante, María Félix, Jorge Negrete, La India María, Chabelo and Tin Tan will be screened.

They will be available for free and will be launched exclusively on Canela.TV starting June 13.

Canela Media is a leading technology and innovation company in Hispanic multicultural media.

And it has announced that starting June 13 and throughout the rest of the year, more than 100 films from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema will be added to the platform.

Canela TV presents collection from the Golden Age

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Photo: Medium Cinnamon

These films will be available for free and exclusively on Canela.TV.

The ‘Cine de Oro’ collection is Canela Media’s latest initiative in its ongoing efforts to preserve Latin culture.

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In it, classic Mexican films and their iconic stars play an integral role. This project seeks to offer authentic and relevant content for multiple generations.

Isabel Rafferty Zavala, Founder and CEO of Canela Media, commented: «We are delighted to bring these Mexican classics of Cine de Oro for our audience to enjoy for free and exclusively on Canela.TV.»

Comments by Isabel Rafferty Zavala

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Photo: Medium Cinnamon

«These films are a testament to the relevance and entertainment value, for each generation to celebrate our cultural heritage,» he added.

«Canela Media is committed to preserving these cinematic treasures for future generations,» said Zavala.

The initial list of titles that will be available for free on Canela.TV from the Diana International Films library includes:

‘Me He de Comer Esa Tuna’ (1945), starring Jorge Negrete, a comedy in which two friends gamble for the love of a woman in a card game.

Details of the movies available on Canela.TV

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‘La Devoradora’ (1946), starring María Félix, tells how a woman seduces a young man and convinces him to murder her lover, triggering a tragedy.

‘Escuela de Gagabundos’ (1955), with Pedro Infante, tells the story of a homeless man who finds himself in the house of a woman who tries to reform him.

‘What Happened to Samson’ (1955), a comedy about the biblical character Samson, played by Tin Tan (Germán Valdés).

Two films starring La India María (María Elena Velasco) will also be available.

Mexican Golden Cinema Collection

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‘Hard but Safe’ (1975), where she plays a taco girl who puts a movie studio restaurant in danger due to her popularity.

‘Sor Tequila’ (1978), in which she plays a nun who has problems with the town priest due to her behavior.

But both finally understand that they pursue the same goal: helping people.

In addition to these productions, other notable films will be available on Canela.TV.

Additional films to the collection

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Photo: Medium Cinnamon

‘Por la Puerta Falsa’ (1950), starring Rita Macedo and Pedro Armendáriz. ‘Educating Dad’ (1955), with Fernando Soler, will also be screened.

‘Single Department’ (1971), starring Yolanda Varela; ‘La Criada Bien Criada’ (1971), with Chabelo will be produced at Canela.TV.

Fernando de Fuentes III, President of Diana International Films, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative.

«This extensive library of films has been an integral part of my family’s legacy for decades,» he mentioned.

Canela’s commitment to cultural preservation

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Canela TV presents classic films from the Mexican Golden Cinema-Photo: Canela Media

«In 1942, my grandfather founded Diana International Films to celebrate the numerous films he directed and the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema,» he stressed.

«We are excited that Canela.TV will present these cultural treasures to a broader audience, including the United States, for different generations of Latinos to enjoy,» he said.

As part of Canela Media’s commitment to cultural preservation, these classic Mexican films will be restored to high definition.

They will be available on the Canela.TV streaming platform throughout the year.

About Medium Cinnamon

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Canela Media is a leading technology media company that offers brands a complete ecosystem to connect with multicultural audiences.

Its free streaming service enriches the new generation of Latinos in the US with free access to culturally relevant content.

They offer both VOD (video on demand) and live channels, including original programming, music, sports, news, soap operas and classic Mexican movies.

Canela Audience Solutions helps identify US Hispanic audiences on OTT platforms in English and Spanish.

Audience and cultural connection solutions

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Canela TV presents classic films from the Mexican Golden Cinema-Photo: Canela Media

Thus providing unprecedented scale for advertisers to reach US Hispanics.

Canela Media’s extensive reach on premium Spanish-language websites is combined with its proprietary data.

Providing in-depth knowledge on how to establish meaningful and culturally relevant connections with the new Hispanic audience.

For more information, visit Medium Cinnamon.

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