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Son of Camilo Sesto hovers between life and death

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  • A little over two years after Camilo Sesto’s death, his family faces a severe test.
  • Camilo Blanes, son of the Spanish singer, hovers between life and death.
  • “It is quite bad and the forecast for the moment is guarded,” says Spanish media.

A little over two years after Camilo Sesto’s death, his family faces a severe test, as Camilo Blanes, the Spanish singer’s son, hovers between life and death. Even Spanish media says that the current prognosis is guarded.

According to information from People en Espanol, the young man has been in the intensive care unit of ​​a hospital in Madrid, Spain for 10 days. And despite the fact that his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, did not want to give much information about it, they fear the worst for Camilo.

Camilo Sesto’s son is in pretty bad shape

Son of Camilo Sesto is found "pretty bad"
Photo: Instagram

According to reports from Kike Calleja, a reporter for the Telecinco program Sálvame, Camilo Blanes is, “in pretty bad shape.” In addition to the fact that his prognosis for the moment is guarded, just a few days ago, his mother,Lourdes Ornelas, had to be evicted from the hospital for causing a scene.

Although at the beginning it was stated that Camilo Sesto’s son was hospitalized due to a relapse related to his drug addiction, his mother said that it was actually pneumonia and respiratory problems which are keeping him in intensive care.

Alleged aunt claims Camilo Blanes is in very serious condition

According to an aunt, Camilo Blanes is "very serious"
Photo: Instagram

An alleged aunt of Camilo Blanes, stated that the young man is in very serious condition. This contradicts what Lourdes Ornelas says. She reports that her son is recovering slowly, so it remains to be seen what the official report is.

“I went to see Camilo as soon as I found out about the situation, I arrived at the hospital at midday, calling Lourdes, saying that I was going to see Camilo either tonight or tomorrow and she ignored me. I showed up at the hospital, went to patient care, they told me where Camilo was and gave me permission to see him. I went in and the boy was alone, serious, very serious, in a very serious condition, and I was with him for more than half an hour”, reported the young man’s alleged aunt.

“Drugs have consumed him”

"The drug has him consumed"
Photo: Instagram

Users on social media did not ignore this news, and despite the fact that the majority wish Camilo Sesto’s son a speedy recovery, there were those who recalled the addiction problems that young Camilo Blanes has suffered for several years.

“A lot of drugs and alcohol, now with the inheritance left by his father, things got out of hand.”
“A lot of drugs in his body.”
“Drugs have consumed him.”
“He likes to drink, the consequences and what others vices he might have.”
“A life full of excess in the long run takes its toll”

Camilo Blanes, son of Camilo Sesto, is hospitalized

Camilo Blanes, son of Camilo Sesto, was hospitalized
Photo: Reform Agency

The son of singer Camilo Sesto, Camilo Blanes, was rushed to a Madrid hospital recently but the reason for his hospitalization has not been revealed so far, according to Semana magazine. It is speculated that Blanes’s addictions could be the cause of his current health problems and. He remains in serious but stable condition.

His mother, Lourdes Ornelas, barely leaves his side and, for the moment, has not commented on his unexpected hospitalization. In mourning since the death of his father in September 2019, Blanes has been going through a difficult time both personally and professionally, since his musical career has not taken off as he would like.

Alarms go off

Alarms go off
Instagram photo

A few weeks ago, Camilo Sesto’s son caused a stir after posting several videos on social media where he was seemed disoriented while walking in the middle of a highway in the wee hours of the morning. Shocking images that once again sounded alarms about the celebrity’s alleged addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Although his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, wanted to admit him to a rehabilitation center, she could not do so in Spain without his consent. And on his 38th birthday, fulfilling everyone’s worst fears, his health apparently worsened to the point of needing medical help after he spent several days partying with friends.

Is it addiction or an accident for Camilo Blanes?

Addiction or accident for Camilo Blanes?
Instagram photo

Relatives claim that Camilo Sesto’s son, Camilo Blanes, was taken to the emergency room due to a fall from a bicycle and not for an alleged drug relapse. Camilo Blanes was urgently admitted to a Madrid hospital on Wednesday and there is great concern about his health.

He is in stable but serious condition and his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, is by his side. For the moment, she prefers to remain silent about what is happening with her son. At first it was suggested that he was hospitalized for a presumed relapse after several days of partying with friends.

Did he fall while riding his bike?

Did you slip while riding your bike?
Instagram photo

However, it was reported on the Spanish program Ya es mediodía that Camilo Blanes had slipped on the wet road while he was riding his bike near his home and had spent a long time lying on the ground in the rain, unable to get up.

That incident, together with the low temperatures in the Madrid mountains, according to a source close to Camilo Sesto’s son, would have been enough to send the young man to the emergency room. There is great concern but also great secrecy surrounding the young man’s condition according to Agencia Reforma.

Camilo Blanes: “I seek inspiration and inspiration seeks me”

"I seek inspiration and inspiration seeks me": Camilo Blanes
Instagram photo

Born in Mexico City in 1983, Camilo Michel Blanes Ornelas is the son of Camilo Sesto and Lourdes Ornelas, who worked in the office that represented the Spanish singer. Camilo Sesto recognized the young man as his child in September 1984, 10 months after he was born. After the performer’s death in September 2019, Camilo Blanes became his sole heir, despite the fact they had been estranged in recent years.

It is striking that on his official Instagram account, where he says that he looks for inspiration, he only has 13 photos. He is accompanied by his famous father in several of them and he dedicated emotional messages to him on his birthday and on the anniversary of his death.

“Always remembering you, today more than ever”

"Always remembering you, today more than ever"
Photo: Instagram

At dawn on September 8, 2019, in Madrid, Spain, Camilo Sesto passed away as the result of kidney failure, leaving a deep wound on the world of music, as well as on his family and fans. A year later, Camilo Blanes expressed the following on social media: “Always remembering you, today more than ever.”

His followers were quick to respond: “You are his projection, stay away from bad people… you are a very good singer, you are ready to succeed. It depends on you.”

Camilo Blanes’ last post

The last publication of Camilo Blanes
Instagram photo

“I just wanted to stop by to congratulate the number one father and singer of all time… and thanks everyone for the love and attention you have always shown me! Congratulations dad… one year is nothing… You will always remain here… You will always remain in me… As long as my soul feels.”

The previous text was shared by Camilo Blanes on the day that the Spanish singer Camilo Sesto would have turned 74. Today, unfortunately, the young man is hanging between life and death without further details being disclosed so far. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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