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Camilo and Evaluna Montaner accidentally show baby Indigo’s face (PHOTOS)

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  • It was a mistake! Baby Indigo’s face is shown.
  • Camilo and Evaluna Montaner accidentally reveal their baby’s face.
  • Why the couple wanted to keep her hidden.

Indigo’s face is revealed. On April 9, 2022, the life of the spectacular couple, Camilo and Evaluna Montaner completely lit up with the birth of their beautiful daughter, whom they gave a very peculiar name, Indigo.

The famous couple decided long ago to keep their baby’s face private. However, the couple made a terrible mistake yesterday at the airport, where inadvertently, media was able to capture the little Indigo’s face. Who does she look like?

Why don’t they want people to see Indigo’s face?

PHOTO: Getty Images

The couple who, in the style of The Kardashians, have released a documentary about the Montaner family, have tried to be very careful about revealing their new baby’s face, as they have ensured that only close friends and family can see her.

According to El Universo, before Indigo’s birth, Camilo and Evaluna announced that they want their daughter to be able to decide for herself whether she becomes a public figure. This is one of the reasons why her face had not been revealed. Filed Under: Camilo and Evaluna’s baby

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner reveal their baby’s face for the first time

Reveal the face of Indigo
PHOTO: Instagram

In a moment of carelessness, Camilo and Eva Luna did not realize that their little girl didn’t have her face covered at the airport, leaving her exposed to millions of people. As soon as the photos came out people began debating who she looks like.

According to Semana, most people have agreed that Índigo takes after her mother, Evaluna Montaner, daughter of the renowned singer Ricardo Montaner. A video shared on Instagram showed the little girl’s face more clearly. Filed Under: Camilo and Evaluna’s baby

What do people think?

Reveal the face of Indigo
PHOTO: Instagram

The decision that the couple made not to show their baby’s face, according to Semana, was respected by many people, but highly criticized by others. They have been receiving a lot of criticism.

“It seems people are ridiculous. They are the parents and they will see if they show their daughter’s face or not, they criticize everything.» «I hope they report them for uploading photos of children without the consent of their parents.» «So stupid with this, she is an ordinary baby I don’t know why so much bullshit.» (WATCH VIDEO). Filed Under: Camilo and Evaluna’s baby

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