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Woman discovers her husband is cheating on her with her own father

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Camila Olivera discovers her husband cheating (Photo: MundoNOW Archive)
  • Camila Olivera caught her husband cheating with her father.
  • She posted it all on social media.
  • The videos have gone viral.

Recently, the case of a Brazilian woman who discovered her husband’s affair with her own father went viral.

Camila Olivera, shared the story on her Facebook account, revealing shocking details of what happened.

Through several posts, she described how she found intimate conversations and videos on her father’s cell phone. They had been recorded in a motel room and showed her husband Juninho with her father Edielson.

Upon discovering the betrayal, Camila decided to share the images in a WhatsApp group.

Camila Olivera was shocked

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Not only did Camila share the messages of her husband cheating with her father on WhatsApp, she also decided to disclose the affair between her husband and her father on Facebook.

The conversations that surfaced showed a remarkably affectionate exchange between Juninho and Edielson.

Once the affair came to light, Camila’s father had a bizarre reaction.

He attempted to set Juninho’s car on fire and accidentally injured a young woman who was not involved in the dispute.

A dispute between neighbors

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This incident caused a fight between neighbors, and the authorities had to intervene to calm the situation. Edielson was arrested after the altercation.

The story has generated an uproar on social media, where internet users have reacted with comic memes to the peculiar situation.

Camila Olivera posted all the videos she found on her Facebook account and made derogatory comments about her husband.

«My husband is a f¨* and he gave his ass to my father hahaha,» was one of her comments.

Juninho says he was forced into the affair

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She continued: «Now let’s see videos of my dad sucking the shit… of Juninho Virgílio» She also tagged her husband.

After Camila shared the motel videos starring her father and husband, the latter responded by accusing his father-in-law of threatening him.

He alleged that Edielson forced him to have sex.

Camila sarcastically responded: «It was my dad’s fault, I have faith.»

She says he did it for the money

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After the young man tried to defend himself on social media, Camila alleged on Facebook that what he said was a lie.

«It’s easy to blame my father, you two will pay for what you did to me, I have faith,» she wrote.

«No one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do, he wanted money, it’s dirty.» Camila insisted that her husband was sleeping with her father for money.

It is clear that the young Brazilian woman does not intend to forgive the two men.

They had been together for years

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As if that were not enough, she asked her Facebook followers not to believe Juninho’s posts.

«Good night, everything my ex is publishing is all a lie, now he is a saint. He was not forced to do anything he did not want to do,» she commented.

«Maybe he has a wide h¨¡*, and he is embarrassed, that make some sense,» she commented.

She also said they had been doing it for years: «People, they are two id¨* … no one said thank you, they had been doing that for two years.»

The posts about her husband cheating with her father are still on Facebook

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PHOTO: Getty Images

The videos and photographs Camila posted of her father and husband are still on Facebook.

These posts have thousands of reactions.

Some have even claimed that they returned to using this platform only to find out about what’s going on in this saga.

To see Camila Olivera’s Facebook posts click HERE.

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