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The call from Ovidio Guzmán’s wife, Adriana Meza, which led to the capo’s capture

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Ovidio Guzmán's wife call that led to his arrest (Photo: Getty Images)
  • A call from Ovidio Guzmán’s wife Adriana Meza led to his capture.
  • Did she turn him in?
  • Details of his arrest.

On September 18 of this year, Ovidio Guzmán became the first of El Chapo’s sons to face US justice.

His arrest marked a milestone in the fight against drug trafficking and violence in Mexico, according to reports.

However, speculation surrounding his arrest has grown recently, pointing to someone close to him as the culprit.

There are rumors that someone close to Ovidio, also known as ‘El Ratón’, was responsible for his capture.

The twist in Ovidio Guzmán’s case

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Photo: Mezccalent

According to reports, Ovidio Guzmán’s wife Adriana Meza Torres was somewhat responsible for his arrest and subsequent delivery to US authorities.

According to infobae, Ovidio Guzmán appeared in a US courtroom eight months after his capture in Sinaloa.

According to some sources, this operation could have been triggered by a phone call from Adriana Meza Torres.

The details of this call and its impact on what unfolded that fateful early morning of January 5, 2023, shed light on the world of organized crime in Mexico.

Ovidio Guzmán’s return and subsequent capture

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Photo: Archive/Agencia Reforma

Jesús María, along with other areas of Culiacán, became the epicenter of an immense police and military deployment.

It all happened during the early hours of January 5 of this year, infobae reported.

The authorities had information that Ovidio Guzmán was in the area and they wanted to arrest him at all costs.

According to journalist Anabel Hernández, who investigated the case, Ovidio had managed to escape from the house that was the target of the operation.

Chaos in the streets of Jesús María

Culiacán, Operational, Military, Police, Mexico
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

The streets of Jesús María were filled with shooting, helicopters, vehicles and military units, creating total chaos in the town.

In the midst of the confusion and danger, one of Ovidio and Adrian Meza’s daughters suffered began having a panic attack.

The situation was alarming, with a confrontation in progress and the presence of security forces at every corner.

It was at that moment that Ovid’s wife made a crucial and shocking decision.

Adrian Meza’s life-changing call to Ovidio

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Photo: The Associated Press

Desperately worried about their daughter’s mental health and fearing for her safety, she made a phone call to Ovidio to inform him of the situation.

She explained the severity of their daughter’s panic attack and asked him to return to take his daughters with him, according to infobae.

Ovidio Guzmán, urgently wanting to protect his family made the decision to return to Jesús María.

However, this led him directly into the clutches of the authorities, who were blanketing the area.

Who is Adriana Meza Torres?

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Photo: Archive/Getty Images

This phone call, and Guzmán’s arrest, marked a turning point for him and the fight against drug trafficking in Mexico.

Adriana Meza Torres, the wife of El Chapo’s son, is a mysterious figure in this drama.

She is the daughter of Raúl Meza Ontiveros, alias ‘El M6’, a former lieutenant who worked closely with Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada.

Unfortunately, El M6 was killed in a confrontation in Culiacán in 2007.

The New Queen of the Sinaloa Cartel

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Photo: Mezcalent

Documents from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) point to her as an alleged proxy for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Due to her relationship with Ovidio Guzmán, as well as her apparent economic power, Adriana has been given a nickname.

She is often referred to as ‘The New Queen of the Sinaloa Cartel’.

This episode reveals the complexity and moral dilemmas facing members of organized crime,  according to Infobae.

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