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Woman suffers permanent eye damage from staring at solar eclipse

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Bridget Kyeremateng damaged her eyes staring at an eclipse (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Bridget Kyeremateng stared at the 2017 solar eclipse.
  • She suffered permanent eye damage.
  • She told her story on TikTok.

A New York woman is raising awareness amidst the excitement for the solar eclipse on April 8.

She took to TikTok to tell people about the permanent damage she suffered to her eyesight by staring at the 2017 eclipse without special glasses.

Her story is a vivid reminder of the dangers of looking directly at an eclipse without protection.

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Bridget Kyeremateng stared at the 2017 eclipse

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PHOTO: The Associated Press

Bridget Kyeremateng, a young marketing executive, has gone viral on TikTok with the story of what happened when she stared at the eclipse in 2017 without eye protection.

She describes in detail how looking directly at the sun during the eclipse caused permanent damage to her eyes.

In a sincere tone, she warns viewers about the risks of ignoring safety precautions when looking at an eclipse.

It is a powerful reminder of the importance of using proper eye protection and following safety instructions during these events.

Her eyesight was permanently damaged

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PHOTO: The Associated Press

«I guess it’s finally time to tell my story,» she says at the beginning of the clip posted shortly before Monday’s eclipse started.

«I did look at the solar eclipse six and half years ago. I didn’t realize, or didn’t get the glasses, and thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal.»

Her story is a wake-up call about the importance of never staring at an eclipse without special glasses.

In a reflective tone, she highlights how a seemingly insignificant decision had lasting consequences for her eyesight.

What happened?

Bridget Kyeremateng, executive, marketing, video, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«I closed my right eye and stared at the sun for a good 15 seconds,» she continued. «Didn’t think anything of it.»

However, she soon realized she’d made a serious mistake.

Bridget Kyeremateng said she woke up the next day and «opened my left eye to read something on my phone. And I couldn’t read every other word.»

«There was like a blind spot on every other word I was reading,» she said.

Bridget Kyeremateng suffered permanent damage

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PHOTO: TikTok Screenshot

When she started walking around her house, Kyeremateng realized she could no longer see some things. From there, she began to research eye damage caused by direct sunlight.

Subsequent examinations by an eye doctor determined that Kyeremateng had suffered irreparable damage to her eyesight.

Some parts of her eye are distorted, and she now suffers what she describes as a «slow 20/20 vision.»

«Don’t be like me» she concluded.

The retina is delicate

sad story, testimony, dangers, measures, mundonow
PHOTO: TikTok Screenshot

«Even a few seconds of viewing the sun during an eclipse can temporarily or permanently burn the macula,» the Journal of the American Medical Association says on its website.

«Once retina tissue is destroyed, it cannot regenerate, resulting in permanent central vision loss,» they added.

This reminder emphasizes the fragility of vision and the importance of protecting your eyes during an eclipse.

Eye damage caused by unprotected exposure to the sun can have devastating and permanent consequences.

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