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Mexican bride attacked with paint on wedding day, mother-in-law suspected

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Bride attacked, Stain, Trouble, Shock, Day
Bride attacked at wedding (PHOTO Shutterstock)
  • Bride attacked at wedding.
  • Her partner’s family is accused.
  • Solidarity on social media.

Shocking images have flooded social media in recent days, showing a bride with her white dress dyed red.

The young woman apparently suffered what appears to be an attack during her own wedding in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico.

Social media has been the means of spreading this incident, which has captured public attention across the country.

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Apparently, the bride may have been the target of an attack perpetrated by her partner’s family in an incident that has left many shocked.

While no official source has confirmed the events, a thread on X posted by the account Fulano de Obregón suggests that the groom’s mother could have been responsible.

The anonymous account has detailed alleged abuses and mistreatment suffered by the bride at the hands of her partner’s family throughout their relationship.

From threats to attempts to drive her out of their lives, the young woman would have endured a series of difficult situations before her special day.

Bride threaten

Bride is attacked with paint at her wedding, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, Social networks
Novia es atacada con pintura en su boda FOTO Shutterstock

The post on X indicates that on more than one occasion, she received death threats from her fiancé’s family.

Furthermore, she was offered a blank check on which they asked her to indicate the monetary value to leave her partner’s life.

However, the bride decided to move forward with her relationship, completely ignoring her fiancé’s family.

According to the shared thread, three men burst into the church on the wedding day and threw red paint on the bride’s dress, an act interpreted as an attempt at public humiliation.

Reasons behind the attack

Girlfriend is attacked with paint, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, Social networks
Novia es atacada con pintura en su boda FOTO Shutterstock

The motives behind this attack appear to be discrimination and disdain towards the bride, who has been accused of being ‘poor’ and therefore unworthy of being part of her fiancé’s family.

A previous incident has been highlighted where the groom’s mother, upon learning of the engagement, feigned a heart attack.

She attributed the situation to her son’s decision to marry a woman of alleged lower economic status.

Despite the trauma endured, the bride showed remarkable resilience by returning to the ceremony in another dress, gold in color, determined not to let hatred and intolerance overshadow her special day.

Attack causes outrage

Bride is attacked with paint, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, Wedding
Novia es atacada con pintura en su boda FOTO Shutterstock

This unfortunate incident has sparked a wave of outrage on social media, where people have expressed solidarity with the bride and condemned the behavior of her partner’s family.

One such example is the famous influencer ‘Un Tal Fredo,’ known on social media as a wedding planner who also hosts a podcast.

In his podcast, he has invited various women to share their stories, most of which detail how they overcame various abuses in their lives.

After the images of the bride with her dress stained in red paint went viral, ‘Un Tal Fredo’ extended her a remarkable invitation.

They react to images

Sonora, Mexico, Social networks, Marriage, MundoNOW
FOTO Shutterstock

«GOSSIP! They threw red paint on the bride on her wedding day! They stained her entire dress, they say it was the mother-in-law (nothing confirmed),» the influencer wrote on social media.

«If anyone knows her, tell her to send me a DM on Instagram to invite her to my podcast and obviously I’ll give her the equivalent of a dress $$$ to wear whatever she wants,» she added.

«In this life everything is paid for and I hope that whoever has done it keeps in mind that karma exists,» said a user on social media.

At a time where the celebration of love should prevail, this incident serves as a sad reminder of the deep divisions and prejudices that persist in our society. To see the photos click HERE.

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