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Brian García brutally beat a policeman in jail (PHOTOS)

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  • Brian Garcia, 23, beat up a policeman in the jail where he is being held.
  • Garcia faces criminal prosecution for murder, armed robbery and drug possession.
  • Now he must also face yet another charge for aggravated assault on a public servant.

Brian Garcia faces charges of aggravated assault on a public servant, for beating an officer in the jail in which he is being held. The Tom Green Sheriff’s Office (TGCSO) reported the new charge that weighs on Brian García, who was arrested and charged with a homicide, among many other crimes.





The young Brian García, 23, is being held in the Tom Green County prison in San Angelo, Texas, facing his trial for the shooting murder of Kristian Rose, whom he killed during an armed robbery of his victim’s house, in a case that took place more than two years ago and that had a love affair as the motive of the crime.

Brian Garcia is accused of beating an officer in jail

Brian García is accused of beating an officer in jail
Brian García, 23, is accused of a homicide and now during his stay in prison he added another crime, brutally attacking one of the custody agents. (PHOTO: Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office)

However, now Brian García faces a new crime considered serious for having attacked a TGCSO officer by surprise last Thursday, September 16, 2016, when the agent entered a multiple cell occupied by several inmates accused of violent crimes.

According to the TGCSO statement sent to MundoHispánico in Texas, young Brian Garcia brutally beat the officer who entered his unit on Thursday morning to do his rounds of inmate counts. The officer had to be rescued by other agents and even some inmates who separated the aggressor.

Now Brian García must be in a solitary cell

Now Brian García must be in a solitary cell
Kevin Rose, 27, was the fatal victim of Brian Garcia, in what began as a robbery but with an undertone of a love affair. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

When Brian Garcia was finally separated from the officer who was beaten, the officer was rushed to Shannon Hospital in San Angelo to be treated for his injuries. The officer has already been discharged and sent home to recover. The name of the attacked agent will not be released by the authorities.

The unit in which Brian García was being held along with the other inmates, it is not specified exactly how many, were placed in isolation for normal prison activities, by orders of the TGCSO while the violent attack is being investigated. Garcia will face the remainder of his stay in the county jail in a solitary confinement cell.

A history of homicide, robbery, and drugs

A history of homicide, robbery, and drugs
Jacob Garcia, 21, is another of the defendants in the murder of Kristian Rose and is also in jail facing trial. (PHOTO: Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office)

Despite his age, Brian Garcia is not just another inmate in the Tom Green County Jail. The young man faces a criminal record of crimes ranging from homicide, illegal possession of a firearm, possession of 200 grams of drugs, aggravated assault, armed robbery from his home and theft of objects worth up to $ 30,000.

According to Texas State Penal Code Only the crime of homicide, as the most serious charge facing Brian García, is punishable by a sentence of 20 to 99 years in prison for anyone who pleads guilty to that charge after facing trial. The boy has been in jail since March 18, 2019, when he was arrested.

Brian Garcia and the murder of Kristian Rose

Brian Garcia and the murder of Kristian Rose
Alexis Taylor, 27, was Brian Garcia’s girlfriend when he asked to have Kristian Rose mugged and drove the getaway car. (PHOTO: Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the legal documents of the case against Brian García, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, on Tuesday, March 2, 2019, at 3:40 a.m., the body of 26-year-old Kristian Rose was found injured in her small apartment where the man lived behind his mother’s house .

Kristian Rose’s mother, a registered nurse, called the emergency number without knowing for sure what had happened, as the woman only said that she had heard several noises of gunshots in the back of her house. Various agents of the San Angelo Police Department (SAPD) responded to the emergency call.

Kristian Rose’s mother tries to save her son’s life

Kristian Rose's mother tries to save her son's life
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico

When the SAPD patrols arrived at the house marked 600 on East 39th, in the north of the San Angelo metropolitan area, they found Kristian Rose’s desperate mother in her son’s apartment trying to give him first aid, since the boy was badly wounded by several shots.

Thanks to the mother’s medical knowledge, she was able to inform SAPD agents that her son Kristian Rose had gunshot wounds to the torso and head. The patrollers requested the presence of paramedics from the San Angelo Fire Department (SAFD, for its acronym in English), to transport the boy to a hospital.

Hidden in the night the killers escape in a car

Hidden in the night the killers escape in a car
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico

While the paramedics were taking Kristian Rose to a hospital, the mother explained to the SAPD agents that when she heard the shots she called the authorities and then, on impulse, she went to her son’s apartment to check that he was okay. At that time the name of Brian García had not come up in the investigation.

The woman stated in her statement that two Hispanic boys came out of her son’s house, completely dressed in black, who were running with weapons. The two young men saw the woman and pointed their guns at her, but did not shoot her. Without taking their aim at him, the boys ran off and got into a car that was waiting for them outside.

The strength of a mother

The strength of a mother
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico

However, Kristian Rose could no longer survive his injuries and was pronounced dead. The mother of the deceased today, whose name will not be revealed to avoid reprisals, had the courage to narrate the details of the case in the midst of pain and give a detailed description of the two Hispanic men who left her son’s room after shooting him .

Thanks to that testimony, the agents were able to learn the identity of Brian García as one of the two alleged perpetrators of the murder of Kristian Rose. The videos on the security cameras, in the streets surrounding the crime scene, allowed the SAPD agents to identify the car in which the alleged murderers escaped.

Brian García is identified as one of the two murderers

Brian García is identified as one of the two murderers
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico

The agents of the SAPD Homicide Division were able to determine that the car in which the criminals escaped was a 2013 Kia Optima in black. At the Stripe Convenience Store, a few blocks from the homicide house, officers saw Brian Garcia, fully dressed in black, get out of the same car shortly after the crime in other videos.

During the crime investigation, agents from the SAPD Homicide Division discovered that the black Kia Optima was registered under the name of a girl named Alexis Taylor and who, according to confidential informants, was the girlfriend of the alleged thief of little time named Brian Garcia.

A fortuitous arrest allows the capture of the two Hispanics

A fortuitous arrest allows the capture of the two Hispanics
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, when the agents of the Homicide Division were already looking for Alexis Taylor and Brian García, a stroke of luck allowed their capture. That day, students from Angelo State University (ASU) reported that there were a couple of Hispanics breaking into college dorms to rob.

Several SAPD patrols were sent to the university campus and after a brief pursuit, they managed to arrest two boys who were escaping in a black 2013 Kia Optima car. The two young men were identified as Brian García, at that time 20 years, and Jacob Martínez, at that time of 18 years.

Alexis Taylor, Garcia’s girlfriend, was part of the plan

Alexis Taylor, Garcia's girlfriend, was part of the plan
Kristian Rose’s mother released 27 red balloons on the day of his funeral, representing how old her son was when he was killed. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

Brian García and Jacob Martínez, at the time of being captured on the university campus, had two pistols with them. In subsequent forensic ballistics analyzes, authorities determined that the weapons they were carrying were the same as those used in the murder and robbery of Kristian Rose.

Based on that, Brian García and Jacob Martínez were arrested and charged with the murder and robbery of Kristian Rose. The agents discovered that Alexis Taylor, Garcia’s pregnant girlfriend, also participated in the robberies as a driver in the escapes and planned the attack on Rose, in retaliation for a past affair that ended badly.

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