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Trouble brewing! Tommy Mottola sends a loving message to his wife and Thalía ignores him? (VIDEO)

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Thalía y Tommy Mottola
  • Is Thalía snubbing her husband?
  • Did Tommy Mottola cheat on his wife?
  • Thalía posts a video where she’s totally alone on Valentine’s Day.

A few days ago Leslie Shaw, the woman who was rumored to be coming between Tommy Mottola and Thalía, denied that she had any kind of relationship with the music mogul. On Valentine’s Day, the Mexican singer’s husband sent her an extremely loving message… but the Amor a la Mexicana singer snubbed him and showed that she’s better off alone….

Rumors Tommy Mottola cheated on Thalía began circulating two weeks ago and, although everything seemed fine, with Tommy sending a loving message to his wife, she posted a video making people question their relationship again.

Is Tommy Mottola trying to win Thalía back?

fake tommy mottola
Instagram: Tongue Sees You

The situation between the couple is unclear because, on the one hand Tommy Mottola writes messages of love on social media, while Thalía no longer posts anything with her husband and even drops hints that they may be separated.

«Happy Valentine’s Day to my one and only Valentine forever Thalia, each day bringing your beautiful shining light and love to my life… and our family… You are my everything and my everything, I love you so much forever,» Mottola posted on February 14… but did his wife respond?

Thalía appears alone and fuels separation rumors

Thalia alone

Tommy Mottola showing his love, but Thalía’s response was blunt: I’m better off alone and I love myself… At least that’s what she let her millions of Instagram followers see in a video in which, in addition to her powerful message of self-love, she used Miley Cyrus’ hit Flowers, which celebrates independence.

Thalía’s video shows her buying flowers, dancing alone and at the end giving herself a dedication: From: Me, To: Me. This certainly makes it seem like the couple is no longer together.

Thalía sleeps alone?

Tommy Mottola does not sleep with his wife

Days ago, amid the cheating rumors, a former employee of Thalía and Tommy Mottola revealed that the couple did not sleep together when she worked for them, sparking more speculation about their relationship.

Indeed, Thalía is sleeping alone and she herself confirms it in a video she shared before Valentine’s Day where she wrote: «The best plans are with yourself.» In it, she’s brushing her teeth, taking a bath, reading and going to bed alone, which undoubtedly fuels the rumors that she is already in the process of separating from Tommy Mottola. Some images in this note come from this video.

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