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Plane crash leaves 12 dead in Brazil’s Amazon region

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Plane Crashes in Brazil (Photo: MundoNOW Archive)
  • Plane crash leaves 12 dead.
  • Fatal accident of a small plane.
  • They give the details.

Sunday morning brought sorrow to the remote Amazon region of Brazil, as a small plane tragically crashed.

According to The Associated Press, the accident resulted in the loss of twelve lives on board.

This devastating event took place near the main airport in Rio Branco, the capital of Acre state.

Governor Gladson Cameli’s press office confirmed the incident.

They spread alleged videos of the fatal accident

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Images and videos purportedly showing the harrowing aftermath of the crash surfaced on social media shortly after the tragic incident.

These visuals depicted the wreckage of the aircraft, engulfed in flames amidst the dense Amazon forest.

The news of the crash profoundly impacted the local community and sent shockwaves throughout the entire country.

At the time of this report, the circumstances leading to the accident remain unclear, as noted by The Associated Press.

They confirm that a baby was on board

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Authorities have confirmed that the ill-fated aircraft was a single-engine Cessna Caravan, with the accident occurring in close proximity to Rio Branco airport.

Tragically, the victims who did not survive the impact included nine adults, an infant, and both the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft.

An exhaustive investigation is anticipated to commence soon, aiming to shed light on the factors contributing to this tragic event.

As of now, the nationalities of the passengers have not been disclosed.

Plane crash causes fire

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The aircraft was en route to Envira, a small city situated in the neighboring state of Amazonas.

AlJazeera reports that the plane was operated by ART Taxi Aéreo, a local company.

Upon crashing, the aircraft is said to have burst into flames, igniting a forest fire in a remote area near Brazil’s borders with Peru and Bolivia.

This devastating crash occurred less than two months after another tragic event that had previously shaken the nation.

Another 14 people lost their lives recently.

Plane, aircraft, light plane, MundoNow, Sky

In September, a tragic incident occurred when a small plane crashed in the state of Amazonas, resulting in the loss of 14 lives.

All victims of that accident, encompassing 12 passengers and two crew members, were Brazilian tourists.

Authorities disclosed that the plane met with the accident amidst heavy rain and poor visibility during its approach to the tourist city of Barcelos.

These two catastrophic events occurring within such a short span have heightened concerns regarding flight safety in the Brazilian Amazon.

This is how the aircraft crashed

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Plane crash in Brazil PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK

This region is characterized by geographic and climatic conditions that pose exceptional challenges.

Ongoing investigations are expected to unravel the underlying causes of these accidents, potentially prompting revisions in aviation safety protocols within the region.

As per AlJazeera, the plane met its unfortunate end during its approach to the city of Barcelos amid heavy rain and limited visibility.

Amidst these concerns regarding flight safety, there is also unsettling news concerning the investigation of a plane crash in the United States.

Another accident now in the US

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Plane crash in Brazil PHOTO Shutterstock

As Brazilian authorities strive to clarify the tragic events, federal officials in the United States are also deeply involved in their own quest for answers.

The National Transportation Safety Board reports that a Cessna T206H plane went missing on Friday.

Local media outlet KSL has noted that the wreckage was located near Huntington, a city in Utah, on Saturday.

However, further details regarding the accident that took place in the town in Utah have not been immediately available.


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