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10 New Braid Ideas for Your Daughter’s Young Coif

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It almost feels like braids are the hot style of the moment for little girls. We can’t say whether it’s inspired by Elsa or Katniss, or both, but trying new braid styles is the perfect trend for our daughters because they keep their hair out of their faces, they’re creative, fun and can be worn by all types of hair of varying lengths. With the start of school upon us, we thought it was time to look at some of the new braid styles for girls.

Teen Vogue’s Elaine Welteroth agrees, “Particularly for back-to-school, braids are a great way of showcasing your personal style,” she says. “It doesn’t stop at your clothes, it extends to how you wear your hair. I think braids over all allow you to play with your identity a little bit and just have some fun and show off your creativity.” To inspire you and your daughter, we found these 10 braid styles for girls that are definitely not the middle school French braid we remember.

1. Zig Zag French Braid

The Zig Zag French Braidis just the original with a slightly punk edge. You simply divide hair into three parts and work your way down connecting them along the way until you reach the base of the head and then three-strand your way down as usual.

2. The Embellished Braid

Girl with braids

You can weave a few charms, jewels or ribbons through any braid to make it look extra special but we think the fishtail and French braid styles look especially lovely with these embellishments.

3. Fishtail Braid

Speaking of the fishtail braid, it’s a beautiful classic that’s easier than you think. You gather a ponytail into two sections and then pull smaller sections from the bottom of each side, wrapping them over the top and under by way of the center until you reach the bottom of the length of hair. Okay, so you might need some practice after all….

4. The Loose Braid

A little one with a braid

This one looks nice when it’s messy, so it’s one of the easier styles. And we suspect your daughter will love looking like Elsa from Frozen

5. Halo braids

To create halo braids, part hair in the center and then create two braided pigtails. Pin the braids to the top of the head like a headband and your daughter will look adorable and trendy all at once.

6. Rapunzel Twisted Ponytail


For little girls with long enough locks, another fairytale look is the twisted ponytail. It’s a high pony split into two sections, one braided and wrapped around the other, securing both at the base.

7. Knotted Bun with Micro Braids

This is one of the more sophisticated braid styles for girls. To achieve the knotted bun with micro braids, you start with two tiny braids at each of your daughter’s temples, pull back into a ponytail and knot. This one is so easy you can do it quickly, right before school.

8. Pigtail Braids


This look is the epitome of sweetness and youth.

9. Braided Top Knot

The braided top knot is gorgeous and glam, but still easy enough for you to pull off. You’ll gather your daughter’s hair into a high ponytail and separate a section from it to braid. Then, secure the loose part of the pony into a topknot or bun, and finally, wrap the braid around the base of the bun. Done. And super chic, too.

10. Baby French Braid


This is a great way to get the bangs she’s desperate to grow out away from her face and out of her eyes. You simply do a tiny French braid incorporating her bangs as you move either straight back or down the side of her hair.

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