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VIDEO: Boy visits his mother’s grave to show her his grades

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  • Video of a boy visiting his mother’s grave goes viral.
  • The little boy took his grades to the cemetery.
  • The child causes a sensation on social media.

A video circulating on social media has touched the hearts of more than one viewer. The scene is guaranteed to put a lump in your throat. When we lose a loved one, our soul is hurt, but there is no pain that compares to the loss of a mother.

Day of the Dead commemorates the people who have gone to another plane devastating their loved ones. This is why many choose to visit their loved ones at the cemetery to leave them flowers, souvenirs, food and other small tokens. A little boy did something unexpected at his mother’s grave. The video is from 2006 but it has recently gone viral.

Child visits his mother’s grave and people are moved by what he did

Boy carries grave grades
Photo: YouTube

Many social media users were moved by a child’s visit to the cemetery where he went to his mother’s grave. But what really surprised internet users the most was the touching thing the little boy did. In addition to bringing a bouquet of flowers, he did something unexpected.

In the video, a child can be seen wearing a red shirt, white pants and black tennis shoes. He reaches the spot where Bertha María Delgado, the child’s mother, is buried. He walks over and the first thing he does is leave a bouquet of flowers on the grave. Filed Under:Child brings grades to mother’s grave

Boy brings his grades to his mom’s grave

Boy carries grave grades
Photo: YouTube

What he did next choked up anyone who saw the video because, after leaving the bouquet of flowers, the boy takes something out of his backpack that appears to be a notebook. At first it was speculated that he would perhaps leave a drawing or some craft from school, but that was not it

The video shows how the boy takes his report card out of his notebook and places it in front of his mother’s grave to show her how he has done at school. Later, the boy touches his the grave to be close to his mother. Filed Under: Child brings grades to mother’s grave

The little boy lies next to his mother’s grave to spend a few moments close to her

Boy carries grave grades
Photo: YouTube

The child kneels in front of the grave and begins to cry over the loss of his mother while continuing to caress the place where the remains of his mother rest. The little one wipes the tears that roll down his cheeks.

What he did next touched the hearts of many users who were able to appreciate the video. After spending some time on his knees in front of his mother’s grave, the little boy lies down next to Mrs. Bertha’s remains, spending a little more time with her. Then a man wearing a blue shirt, black pants and carrying a guitar, approaches the boy and tells him to get up from the ground. Filed Under: Child brings grades to mother’s grave

Internet users react

The reaction of Internet users was present immediately
Photo: YouTube

The last thing on the video is the little boy giving one last hug to the place where Bertha María Delgado lies. Internet users immediately commented: «God bless him and take care of him.» «God help him overcome such great pain, what a good son he is.» «My God, the pain!»

“Your mom takes care of you from heaven, she never leaves you alone, rest assured.” “How sad to go through that.” “It broke my heart to see the child visit his mom’s grave with so much suffering.” “God will make he an excellent son.” “You don’t know how much it hurt me to see him there alone.  The video is circulating on Instagram and Youtube. With information from El Imparcial, La Opinión and La Prensa.

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