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Botox and bad surgeries? Chiquis Rivera boasts her natural face and followers say she «has no love of her own» (PHOTO)

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Chiquis Rivera appears with her most natural face and without makeup
  • Followers claim recent photos of her in a bikini affected her self-esteem
  • They call her unsafe on Instagram

«He has no self-love.»

Chiquis Rivera appears in the photograph wearing her natural face and speaking proud of her self-esteem and the followers comment that a woman Surely she is not presuming that she is and that she will stop pretending to be something that she is not.

Go that Chiquis Rivera has not managed to hit the target in terms of photographs on social networks.

And it is that, since some photographs of her in a bikini were leaked, the singer has found it difficult to overcome the countless criticisms that rained down on her after it was seen that her body was not the same as the one she boasted on social networks.

Chiquis Rivera natural face

PHOTO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera

After this, Chiquis Rivera has tried to be «more natural», in addition to showing the world that she like like everyone has imperfections.

Yesterday, Lorenzo Méndez’s ex surprised her more than 4 million followers on Instagram by appearing with her completely natural face and without any drop of makeup, showing internet users that «she loved herself as she was.»

In the photograph you can see Chiquis Rivera wearing a cleaner and more natural face, leaving aside the makeup, in addition to accompanying his outfit with a wool cap and a big smile.

At the bottom of the image, which already has more than 145 thousand likes, the following description can be observed: «The sexiest woman is going to be dressed in self-esteem, confidence, dignity, self-love and values ​​herself as a woman, #NoMakeupMonday» .

After this snapshot, where Chiquis Rivera wore a «more natural» face and without makeup, the singer’s followers began to speak out, and despite the fact that she looked beautiful, the critics did not stop at her photograph.

You can see the image of Chiquis Rivera here.

Various comments began to arrive at the photograph of Chiqui Rivera wearing her most natural face and without makeup, where some users highlighted that if she were really safe I wouldn’t say it so much:

«The woman who values ​​herself does not need to prove anything to people, or be talking and talking about the same thing all the time, we already know that you value it and I don’t know how much, why say it all the time? If you are so sure of who you really are, don’t say anything, don’t appear to be who you are not, ”wrote a netizen.

To which several followers brought up the photographs that were leaked to Jenni Rivera’s daughter a few weeks ago where she appeared with her Body more natural and because of that, she kept talking about having a good self esteem:

Chiquis Rivera photography

PHOTO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera

«And since the photos were uploaded as she really is, she began to exercise more than normal and talk about the same old thing,» wrote a girl in the photograph of Chiquis Rivera, wearing her most natural face and without makeup.

PHOTO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera

A follower affirmed that if she really has good self-esteem, she would not be worried about what others think of her: “I don’t think so haha, so that you just say that since they showed those photos, a person with self-esteem is not affected by what others they say about her, and she doesn’t say it. »

Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Natural Face

A follower confirmed the photograph of Chiquis Rivera wearing her natural face that the photographs that leaked of her had really affected her when she appeared in a red bikini, because her body was very different as it looked on social networks:

«Those photographs affected her a lot, she doesn’t stop talking and mentioning her self-esteem and posting pictures of her with a filter.»

It was on January 22 when Jenni Rivera’s daughter was leaked photographs of her wearing a red bikini.


In them you could see Chiquis Rivera a completely different body than the one he tends to show off on his social networks, causing Internet users to begin to argue that he was quite visible cellulite and love handles on his abdomen and legs, calling her even «fat».

In addition, they branded her a fake, and that all the photographs she published were all edited to «erase the imperfections» of her body.

After these events, Chiquis Rivera has tried to show off a more natural body, for example, the photograph of her face without makeup.

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