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Bomb cyclone threatens California

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  • Bomb cyclone ‘Pineapple Express’ threatens California.
  • The bad weather could put millions at risk.
  • It could become one of the most brutal snowstorms in history.

After the rains, a bomb cyclone, known as the ‘Pineapple Express’ threatens California, during one of the most brutal storm seasons. This bad weather will spread to other areas, for which millions of people will be at risk, according to the New York Post, KTLA and EFE.

A powerful storm just hit the same area of California and now there’s a new risk is raising alarms, as they expect several inches of snow. There is even talk of evacuations.


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Experts explain that the storm that is forming will take the abundant tropical moisture found in the Pacific Ocean and will form a powerful “atmospheric river” that will carry large amounts of moisture from Hawaii to California.

“Basically, an (atmospheric river) is a river in the sky of water vapor, and when it hits the mountains, (the moisture) is forced up over the mountains,” Marty Ralph, Director of the Center for Western Climate told FOX Weather. “That upward motion causes clouds and precipitation to form, and the faster the flow of air and water vapor is hitting the mountains, the faster the rain is falling, so you get more and more rain with the stronger ARs hitting the mountains.”

Which areas are under alert?

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Faced with this powerful natural phenomenon, authorities have warned of danger for some areas, specifically a large part of the state from near the border between Oregon and California to the north of the Los Angeles area. They report that some areas along the northern and central California coast would see 5 to 8 inches of rain, while further inland, rainfall totals in the mountains and their slopes could approach 8 to 12 inches in some places.

“A lot of the attention was focused on the Sacramento Valley, the Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley, but LA, brace yourself,” said FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin. “There was rain on the trail, and it will be moving as we go Thursday morning.” Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone California

Evacuation orders

bomb cyclone california
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Authorities have issued evacuation orders for areas considered extremely dangerous, such as Lake Fie and Bobcat, as rain is forecast to fall throughout the day on Wednesday. However, the heaviest precipitation is forecast to hit Southern California during the afternoon hours and through Thursday.

Additionally, up to 8 inches of snow is expected to fall in the higher elevations of the mountains in the next few hours. Snow levels are forecast to settle above 6,500 feet, but could ease as long as temperatures drop later in the week. Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone California

Millions in danger

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The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that the storm will bring heavy snow, ice, strong thunderstorms and heavy rain from Wednesday into next week. The winter storm will move from the Central Plains into the Upper Midwest on Tuesday and Wednesday before weakening over the Great Lakes on Thursday.

Additionally, storms from the Pacific may impact the west with heavy snow and rain that could create additional flood threats. More than 35 million people are on alert, especially in the area near the Gulf coast. Southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi and Alabama are under alert 3 (out of 5 levels) for severe weather, while Nashville, New Orleans and Atlanta are under alert 2. Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone California

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