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The body of Mexican host Michell Simon, who had been reported missing, was found

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  • The Mexican Attorney General’s Office reported the incident.
  • They found the host’s body in Tlalpan, Mexico City.
  • Her family identified the young woman by her tattoos.

SHE WAS FOUND DEAD. The Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) announced that the body of the host and actress from Veracruz, Mexico, Michell Simon, has been found. The young woman traveled to Mexico City to try her luck as a sports commentator and left her family behind in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. Her family and friends reported her disappearance on social media.

This afternoon, authorities announced that young woman’s body had been found in the Ajusco area, in Mexico City. The family identified the actress and journalist’s body by her tattoos. It was announced in a press release that psychological help would be provided to the family.


Photo: Instagram

On Tuesday afternoon the Attorney General’s Office announced that they had found host Michell Simon after she was reported missing last Friday. The young woman, originally from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, moved to Mexico City to try her luck as a sports commentator. Unfortunately, her life was taken.

The FGJ reported that the body found in the wooded area of ​​Tlalpan, Mexico City, was identified as that of the Mexican host and actress. The young woman had been working for a local television station and was looking for new opportunities far from home. Her friends reported her missing.

How did they identify the Michell Simon?

Body found Michelle Simon: How did they identify the young woman?
Photo: Twitter

Through a press release, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported that Michell Simon’s family had identified her by her tattoos. At the press conference, it was announced that she had been found in the town of Santo Tomás Ajusco, an area known for being remote and wooded.

«I thank everyone for their presence at this statement. The Attorney General of Mexico City reports the discovery of the body of a young woman, in the town of Santo Tomás Ajusco in the Tlalpan mayor’s office. It was possible to identify her and we express our condolences to her family for these unfortunate events,» the FGJ spokesman announced. Filed Under: Body found Michelle Simon

Is the family being supported?

They find body Michelle Simon: Do they provide support to the family?
Photo: Twitter

In the message released by the Attorney General’s Office, they announced that the family is being supported by authorities. They also said that Michell Simon’s body will be turned over to her family shortly. The spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office stressed that monetary support is also being provided to her family, as well as psychological support in the face of the terrible loss they’re facing.

«In this sense, specialized and multidisciplinary personnel is already offering legal, psychological, social and economic assistance to the family,» said the FGJ spokesman. Twenty-nine-year-old Michell Simon’s case went viral on social media. That’s when authorities began the search, leading to her discovery in the Ajusco area. Filed Under: Body found Michelle Simon

 How was she found?

Body found Michelle Simon: How was she found?
Photo: Twitter

In the statement from the spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, he explained that the young woman was found by some ejidatarios from the town of Santo Tomás, when they were trying to control a fire. They quickly notified the authorities who arrived at the scene with SEMEFO and recovered the victim’s body so they could proceed with the autopsy.

“Agents of the Investigative Police have carried out the interviews and inspections on the scene. They are also searching for witnesses and evidence, which could be used for investigations. This Prosecutor’s Office is in direct contact with family and friends of the victim to clarify the facts. (…) Her body was found by ejidatarios from the area, who were trying to put out a fire,” declared the spokesman. Filed Under: Body found Michelle Simon

Was she attacked in a hotel?

Was she attacked in a hotel?
Photo: Twitter

Reporter Carlos Jiménez, announced the discovery of a body in the Ajusco area. According to the report, the young woman was thrown half-naked into a wooded area. The person who killed her wrapped her body in towels from a nearby motel and dumped her. The tattoos helped to identify her because she was being eaten by animals.

«WOMAN IS FOUND MURDERED in EL AJUSCO. A young woman about 25 years old, half-naked and covered with towels from the Villas Patriotismo motel, was found in Picacho-Ajusco. She has a couple of skull and rabbit tattoos. The @FiscaliaCDMX and @ssc_cdmx are already investigating,» wrote Carlos Jiménez on social media.

What does the investigation say?

What does the research say?
Photo: Twitter

According to the authorities, they are already looking at camera footage from the Villas Patriotismo Motel because the young woman’s body was found wrapped in towels from that place. Local media reported that the security cameras had recorded the young woman arriving at the hotel along with a man. Se also left with the same person. Shortly after, she was found dead.

Femicide charges will be filed against the young woman’s murderer. At the moment, it is known that Michell Simon showed signs of having been attacked due to several injuries that were found on her body. The young woman was last seen on Friday, February 18.

Her friends and family had been looking for her since Sunday

They were looking for her since Sunday
Photo: Twitter

Although the young host hadn’t been seen since Friday, her family and friends reported her disappearance on Sunday. According to local media, when they couldn’t reach the young woman on Saturday, they began to wonder what has going on. They finally reported her disappearance through her social networks. On Tuesday morning they were still looking for her.

“I have come to ask for your help in locating Michell Simón. A dear friend and colleague. She hasn’t shown up since last Friday. It has not been possible to locate her and we don’t know what could have happened. If anyone has seen her or knows about her, any help is appreciated,» her friends posted on social media after being unable to communicate with the young woman for days.

Her family asks for justice

ask for justice
Photo: Twitter

After Michell Simon’s death was announced her family and friends began to ask for justice for the young «jarocha», who arrived in Mexico City to do auditions for Televisa and TV Azteca. The authorities have already begun to search for the man who can be seen security footage from the motel where she was last seen.

«It makes you angry and breaks your heart. Despite so much news and demonstrations, despite the fact that we have opened the door to sisterhood, you never expect a woman close to you to be one of the statistics. Rest in peace, Michell, here we will cry out for justice for you,» they posted on social media after the sad news came out.

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