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Biden reveals the American death toll in Israel

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American death toll, Israel, war, Biden
American death toll in Israel (Photo: AP)
  • Biden condemns the terrorist attack in Israel.
  • American citizens are among the victims.
  • The president commits to supporting Israel.

US President Joe Biden expressed his deep shock at the horrific terrorist attack that took place in Israel.

In an emotional statement, the president mourned the loss of innocent lives and revealed that at least 11 US citizens were among the dead.

The attack, which has shaken Israel and the entire world, has caused widespread devastation and pain.

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Hundreds of innocent civilians lost their lives in an act of inexcusable violence that has left families torn apart by hatred and brutality.

In his remarks, President Biden shared his concern for the American citizens who are still missing.

He assured that safety, both at home and abroad, is his top priority. He noted that they are working closely with the Israeli authorities

They hope to obtain more information about the whereabouts of those who are missing and to address the hostage situation.

Biden speaks out about the attacks on Israel

death toll in Israel, war, middle east

Biden also announced that it is believed that American citizens could be among those detained by Hamas.

He has directed his team to work on all aspects of the hostage crisis, including sharing intelligence and advising Israeli authorities.

For US citizens currently in Israel, the State Department is providing consular assistance and updated security alerts.

In addition, they are advised to take sensible precautions and follow the guidance of local authorities, according to the president’s statement.

American citizens are victims of the Hamas terrorist attacks

Biden, war, Israel

President Biden stressed that this tragedy is not a distant issue, as the ties between the United States and Israel are deep and personal for many American families.

In addition, he highlighted the importance of security in Jewish communities in the United States, announcing a strengthening of surveillance around the centers of Jewish life.

Regarding the relationship between the United States and Israel, President Biden reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to supporting Israel in its defense and security.

He affirmed that the United States will continue to provide the necessary support to protect Israel and its people.

Biden pledges support for Israel

hamas, conflict, middle east
American death toll in Israel (AP PHOTO)

The president urged unity and solidarity between Americans and Israelis during this crisis.

He recalled the challenges of terrorism that both countries have faced in the past.

Furthermore, he underscored the unwavering determination of the American people in the fight against terrorism in all its forms.

Biden’s statement reflects the seriousness with which the United States is approaching the situation in Israel.

Solidarity between the United States and Israel

jewish, orthodox, war, Hamas
American death toll in Israel (AP PHOTO)

He also stressed his continued commitment to the security of US citizens and support for our ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel.

The international community is closely watching as this tragic situation continues to develop.

«The United States and the State of Israel are inseparable partners,» the president said in the statement.

«I affirmed to Prime Minister Netanyahu again when we spoke yesterday that the United States will continue to make sure Israel has what it needs to defend itself and its people,» he concluded.

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