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Biden signed an order to limit asylum requests at the border

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Biden to limit asylum requests, United States, President, Migrants, Undocumented- Biden limitará solicitudes de asilo, Estados Unidos, Presidente, Migrantes, Indocumentados
Biden to limit asylum requests at border (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Biden to limit asylum requests.
  • Threshold of 4,000 daily crossings.
  • Importance of migratory flow.

On Tuesday Biden signed an order limiting asylum requests at the border with Mexico.

This comes in an attempt to control the migratory flow, which has been increasing in recent months in the country.

The order will allow for the rapid deportation of those who cross irregularly if daily detentions exceed a certain limit.

According to a legislative source consulted by the ‘EFE’ agency, this measure will be applied when migrant detentions reach a certain number, which is still under debate.

Biden signed executive order

President, USA, Migrants,Biden to limit asylum requests, Border
Biden to limit asylum requests at the border-Photo: The Associated Press

US media have suggested that the limit could be 4,000 daily crossings, although it is not certain.

Biden’s proposal comes at a critical time, six months before the general elections, where he will seek reelection for a second term.

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In addition, managing migration has become a priority issue for voters.

Surpassing concerns about the economy and inflation, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Donald Trump, former president and current Republican presidential candidate, has used the opportunity to criticize Biden’s immigration policies.

Saying that it has caused a «crisis» at the border due to the illegal entry of many without documents.

The White House plans to announce the proposal at an event attended by mayors of border cities.

Last year, there were many more arrests at the border with Mexico, but this year they have dropped significantly.

In April, US authorities reported 128,900 detentions of migrants attempting to cross irregularly.

A considerably lower figure than the nearly 250,000 arrests recorded in December 2023, as detailed by the ‘EFE’ agency.

Experts and officials say this is due to what Mexico has done to stop people heading north.

However, migrants and human rights groups have reported that Mexican authorities have committed abuses, such as extortion and mistreatment.

This will not be the first time Biden announces measures to control border migration.

In May of last year, his government made changes stating that migrants who crossed illegally were «ineligible» to apply for asylum.

Likewise, for those who had not sought protection in a third country during their journey to the United States.

The historic increase in displaced persons in the continent has put pressure on the Biden administration.

In addition, other members of the president’s party have forced him to set aside his campaign promise to «restore» the asylum system.

The Democratic government has continued and extended certain strict rules, such as the rapid return policy under Title 42.

Under current laws, anyone can apply for asylum in the United States upon arrival at the border or within the country.

Biden’s new executive order represents a significant change in immigration policy in the country, according to ‘Tiempo Latino’.

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