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Biden will meet with Xi in San Francisco to «stabilize» the relationship between the US and China

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Biden and Xi Jinping (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Biden and Xi Jinping will meet.
  • Strategic meeting in San Francisco.
  • Emphasis on diplomacy and communication.

US President Joe Biden is preparing for a momentous meeting with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

This meeting will take place in San Francisco and will take place next Wednesday, November 15, according to the EFE agency.

According to reports, it will be held within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum.

The meeting seeks to «stabilize» the relationship between both powers, this being the first meeting on American soil.

Biden and Xi Jinping will meet

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Photo: The Associated Press

White House officials confirmed that although there is competition between the United States and China, the goal is not to seek conflict.

«We are in competition with China, but we are not seeking conflict, confrontation or a new Cold War,» stressed one of the officials.

Instead, they will focus on “keeping open” lines of communication, expanding them into diplomatic, military and intelligence areas.

Biden and Xi are expected to address regional issues such as the situation in Asia-Pacific, the war in Ukraine, the conflict in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Stabilize relationships and compete without conflicts

Conflicts, Officials, Government, Mandate, United States
Photo: The Associated Press

As well as more general issues such as climate change and the fight against narcotics, the EFE agency reported.

Both leaders will discuss thorny issues where there are differences, including human rights and trade issues.

They also hope to address issues such as the South China Sea and fair treatment of American companies.

Biden will express his great «concerns» about the rapprochement that exists between North Korea and Russia.

Biden will withdraw support for Taiwan

Support, Approach, Diplomats, Resolution, Impact
Photo: The Associated Press

Always pointing out that China continues to be an important sponsor of Pyongyang, detailed the El Universal portal.

The president will also ask his Chinese counterpart to convey to Iran the message that the US will be «ready to respond» to any action.

As long as this is an alarm that «escalates or spreads» violence in the Middle East in these days of war.

In relation to Taiwan, a point of strong disagreement between both nations, President Joe Biden will reiterate his support for the territory.

Concerns and direct messages

Taiwan, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Middle East
Photo: The Associated Press

Likewise, he will express his concern about the growing military activities in the region, considered «unprecedented acts.»

«These are unprecedented actions that are dangerous, and that undermine peace and stability,» highlighted the second official.

According to EFE, the White House’s vision of this meeting, the officials added, is one of realism.

«Efforts to shape or reform China in recent decades have failed,» the administrators argued.

The vision of the White House

Vision, Meeting, Objective, Biden will meet with Xi, Presidency
Photo: The Associated Press

This meeting between Xi and Biden takes place after months of rapprochement, after the arrival of an alleged Chinese balloon to the US.

The same thing that further affected the already battered relations between both countries after saying that it was a ‘spy’ device.

The visit of Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Beijing in June has paved the way for this meeting.

It should be noted that several US officials will be present, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Realism in relations between China and the US

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Biden will meet with Xi-Photo: The Associated Press

The first meeting between the two leaders took place a year ago on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bail (Indonesia).

EFE detailed that the last time Xi Jinping traveled to the US was in 2017, when he visited the Florida residence of then-president Donald Trump.

It should be noted that between both public figures it was not possible to enter into a healthy political relationship, their interaction was not the best.

This meeting marks a crucial step for stability and management of the complex relations between the US and China, according to EFE and El Universal.

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