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The best headphones for running

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  • Music can make all the difference when you exercise!
  • Discover why you should listen to music with your workouts.
  • These are the best headphones for running.

We’ll tell you which are the best headphones for running! A 2010 study found that listening to music during short runs or aerobic exercise actually motivates people to complete their workouts.

To achieve this, you need good quality, comfortable and sturdy headphones, or ear buds, so that nothing hampers your runs. Find out which are the best options on the market and why runners prefer them.

4. What are the best headphones for running? Meet the Beats Power Beat Pro

Best headphones for running

The design of the wireless Powerbeats Pro makes the running experience even more comfortable because, unlike other options or previous designs, this new version of the headphones allows you to change the song, take calls or change the volume quickly and without having to pull out your phone while you run.

Powerbeats Pro is one of the best headphones for running thanks to its long battery life, which lasts more than nine hours per charge. In addition, with its fast charging feature, you can use them up to 4.5 extra hours with only 15 minutes of charging. They cost approximately $250.

3. Jabra Elite Active 75t

headphones for running

This is one of the best headphones for running! Exercise without worry with the Jabra Elite Active 75t which, in addition to being waterproof and offering continuous use for 7.5 hours, allows you to cancel ambient noise so you can focus solely on your training session.

This option is one of runners’ favorites, thanks to its comfortable ergonomic design and its cost, which is around $200 dollars, relatively less than other options.

2. AirPods

Best headphones for running

Apple AirPods are also on the list of the best headphones for running. In addition to being comfortable and having a high resistance to sweat and water, these ear buds offer an aesthetic that adjusts to practically all styles and a longer lifetime than other similar models.

Although AirPods are not designed exclusively for runners, the reality is that tests have been carried out that show that it is relatively difficult to lose an ear bud in the middle of a run. As for cost, it depends on the generation, but they range from $129 to $549.

1. Best headphones for running: Bose Sports Earbuds

Wireless headphones

If you want the best headphones for running, then look no further than Bose Sport ear buds, which have been designed exclusively for runners and people dedicated to exercise who are looking for a comfortable, sturdy and easy-to-use option when doing intense physical activity.

On a regular charge, these headphones offer up to six hours of continuous use, about the time it would take the average runner to complete a marathon. The sound quality is classified as one of the best, and its price is similar to that of Apple AirPods.

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