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Beéle shines on stage at the Canela Music Showcase (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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Beéle at the Canela Music Showcase (Photo: AP)
  • Beéle shines at SXSW 2024.
  • Global success with «Loco».
  • Canela TV offers free coverage.

On a night filled with energy and talent, Colombian singer Beéle captivated the audience at the 2024 South by Southwest® Music Festival (SXSW®).

MundoNOW had the privilege of interviewing this prominent artist, who shared his impressions about his participation in the Canela Music Showcase.

This was an event that brought together some of the brightest stars in Latin music.

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Beéle and other great artists

divine connection, Yami Safdie, Fehr Rivas and Juanpalitoschinos.
FOTO: Cortesía SoundCloud

Beéle performed on March 14th at 7:30 PM in Austin, Texas, at The Palm Door on Sixth.

He shared the stage with other talented Latin artists such as Conexión Divina, Boza, Yami Safdie, Fehr Rivas, and Juanpalitoschinos.

This musical gathering stood out not only for the quality of its performers but also for the diversity and enthusiasm of the audience present.

The Canela Music Showcase is now available on the Canela.TV app.

Canela.TV offered a unique experience

beéle, loco, farruko, manuel turizo,

Canela TV offers Latin music fans the opportunity to enjoy exclusive content and coverage of this exciting event for free.

Canela Media, a technology-driven media leader, is proud to have been part of this unique experience for the Latin community.

The SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, is a meeting point for artists, industry professionals, and music lovers from around the world.

It’s a space where connections are made, careers are propelled, and the magic of live music comes to life.

«It’s the beauty of music»

natti natasha, sebastian yatra., urban genre, beéle
FOTO: Instagram

For Beéle, participating in this event meant a unique opportunity to connect with his audience and share the stage with talented colleagues in the industry.

«It’s amazing to meet many new artists, many legendary artists. I think that’s the beauty of music, it gives you the opportunity.

«Not only to interact with an incredible audience in every part of the world, but also to have the chance to enjoy alongside artists from that audience.

«What Canela.TV does is find a way to make all its people enjoy again, to touch the hearts of those present,» expressed the Colombian.

Beéle and the success of «Loco»

bad bunny, colombian, reggaeton in colombia, feid, maluma
FOTO: Instagram

One of the most important moments in Beéle’s career was the success of his song ‘Loco,’ which catapulted him to fame and opened doors for him.

The remix of this song featured renowned urban genre artists such as Manuel Turizo and Farruko, solidifying his position in the music industry.

«For many, it’s a before and after in my career, as it was from there that many people knew me and everything started for me.

«I believe it’s something super significant from 2019; for many, it was the song of that year and continues to be the song for many others,» reflected Beéle.

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