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Beatriz Adriana doubles down on her accusations against Marco Antonio Solís

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Beatriz Adriana, El Buki, Cristy Solís, divorce, MundoNOW
Beatriz Adriana accusations against Marco Antonio Solís (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Beatriz Adriana doubles down on her accusations.
  • She accuses Marco Antonio Solís of the worst.
  • She says she is not afraid to tell the truth.

Beatriz Adriana doubles down on accusations against Marco Antonio Solís through her Facebook account.

The renowned Mexican singer, and ex-wife of Marco Antonio Solís — better known as ‘El Buki’ — has once again sparked controversy.

Now, she has reaffirmed the harsh statements she made on social media a few weeks ago.

In a post that has caused a stir, the Mexican singer maintains that she was about to send Marco Antonio Solís to jail.

Beatriz Adriana’s accusations about her ex-husband

Beatriz Adriana, accusation, El Buki, Marco Antonio Solís, divorce
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In addition to this, Beatriz also accused him of stealing wealth she had accumulated through a lifetime of hard work and success in music.

In her post on the popular social platform, Beatriz Adriana began by stating firmly:

«I worked all my life and thank God I was very famous and had great wealth.»

The singer also clarified that, at this point in her life, she was already involved in producing her own films.

Beatriz Adriana doubles down

Mexico, social networks, accusation, Facebook, violence
PHOTO: Getty Images

The Mexican singer also said Marco Antonio Solís’ current wife has helped to strip her of her wealth.

«I know they are angry because now I am telling the truth and many documents prove it,» said Beatriz Adriana.

Despite criticism and skeptics who have questioned her version of events, she did not hesitate to go public and insist she is telling the truth.

In an long post shared just over a week ago, Beatriz Adriana defended herself against those who accuse her of wanting to take advantage of the situation.

The singer has more to say about Marco Antonio

Mexico, romantic music, domestic violence, controversy, speculation
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«They tell me not to say anything about what I experienced with Marco Antonio,» said the singer in one part of the long post.

«That I am poisoning people, my daughter, that I need therapy and am looking for pity,» she said.

«I am writing the testimony of my life because God has always looked after me and takes care of me,» she said.

In addition, the singer recalled that, years ago, she had revealed details about a harsh incident to several media outlets.

She accused Marco Antonio Solís of being violent

Singer, family, daughters of the famous, wife, controversy
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In the post, she pointed out that Marco Antonio Solís had allegedly pointed a gun at her.

«Look in my diary notes from years ago, how I said that he put a gun to my head,» she stated.

«Just because people love him so much, it does not mean that I have to do what people tell me,» she stressed forcefully.

Beatriz Adriana concluded her message by reaffirming her faith and trust in God, saying that he is the one who cares for her and her daughter in this difficult time.

The singer insists she’s telling the truth

Latin Grammys, Mexican, MundoNow, Beatriz Adriana accusations, El Buki
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The commotion generated by Beatriz Adriana’s comments on Facebook has divided public opinion in Mexico.

While some support her in her quest for justice and truth, others harshly criticize her.

The case continues to be the subject of intense media attention and debate on social media, with many wondering if there will be legal consequences for Marco Antonio Solís.

So far, Marco Antonio Solís has not publicly responded to Beatriz Adriana’s accusations, and the situation is still developing.

Do internet users support her?

Instagram, public opinion, celebrities, singers, speculations
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Chica Picosa, posted about Beatriz’s comments on Instagram and people immediately began to respond.

«I love Marco’s songs but it doesn’t make me stupid, I remember the notes from that time,» one person said.

«Obviously it was all true, he treated her very badly.» «Totally agree with Beatriz,» others wrote.

«Perhaps the youngest do not believe him, but many of us are his age and we know that on some occasions we did notice,» another commented.

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