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Bárbara Torres bails on an interview to avoid talking about her time on ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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  • Bárbara Torres apparently bailed on an interview when she didn’t like the questions.
  • She was asked about her time on La Casa de los Famosos.
  • The host was totally shocked.

The Argentine actress and comedian, Bárbara Torres, remains a hot topic of conversation even after her eviction from La Casa de los Famosos México. Her time on the Televisa-ViX reality show was marked by numerous controversies.

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Bárbara Torres was evicted from La Casa de los Famosos

Bárbara Torres 'abandons' interview
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The actress, who played Excelsa on La Familia P. Luche alongside Eugenio Derbez and Consuelo Duval, joined La Casa de los Famosos more than a month ago. However, she was voted off the show by viewers last week.

Barbara Torres sparked a lot of discussion during her time in the competition. While she had some good moments, most of them were overshadowed by controversies that, according to many internet users, tested the patience of her fellow contestants and viewers alike.

Bárbara Torres bails on an interview after her eviction

PHOTO: Mezcalent

After leaving the show, the actress has been sharing her experiences with various media outlets, discussing her time spent alongside celebrities like Sergio Mayer, Wendy Guevara, Apio Quijano, among others. However, in a recent interview, it became evident that she might not be entirely comfortable recalling everything that happened.

In a chat with Luis Magaña on his YouTube channel Maganism, the host started discussing her time in the house. However, at one point during the interview, the actress unexpectedly disappeared from the screen, leading many to believe it was due to technical issues.

This is what happened!

Bárbara Torres 'abandons' interview
PHOTO: Mezcalent

During the interview, the Argentine actress was obviously uncomfortable as the interviewer asked probing questions. Suddenly, communication with Barbara Torres was completely cut off, leading the journalist to suspect that she might have left the interview because she didn’t like his questions.

At one point, Barbara Torres removed her headphones and claimed she couldn’t hear anything, then her screen went blank. The surprised host exclaimed: «Oh my gosh, I think our call got a bit distorted! Or maybe she wasn’t ready to answer what we were asking… it’s very coincidental that she cut herself off right on cue.»

Luis Magaña believes Bárbara didn’t like his questions

PHOTO: Mezcalent

The interviewer, Luis Magaña, commented: «Obviously, she wasn’t feeling very comfortable, but as interviewers, we can’t hide what we need to ask.» He shared his confusion about the unexpected turn of events on his YouTube channel.

Some users commented: «It seems like she had a hormonal change.» «Her personality is all over the place.» «She can’t handle it.» «She’s ruining her own career.» «Her behavior seems two-faced.» and «Her responses were scattered.»

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