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Bárbara Bermudo shares an update after her having her breast implants removed (VIDEO)

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  • Popular journalist Barbara Bermudo documents her difficult recovery.
  • Barbara Bermudo had her breast implants removed five weeks ago.
  • She shares her painful journey on social media.

Bárbara Bermudo is going through a difficult recovery. For several months now, the Puerto Rican host and journalist has been dealing with health problems that have affected her in an unimaginable way. She had been one of the main faces of Primer Impacto.

Bermudo got breast implants a long time ago. It was a decision the journalist now says was one of the worst she’s ever made due to the health problems they’ve caused. Now, 47-year-old Barbara made the decision to have them removed and she’s been sharing her progress.

Bárbara Bermudo made a drastic decision for her health

Barbara Bermudo undergoes difficult surgery
Facebook/ Barbara Bermudo

The former host of Primer Impacto decided to document the entire process of removing her breast implants because, in addition to having been a fairly complicated surgery, Barbara Bermudo’s husband has been a great support for her. We can see his unconditional love for her.

“Today is an important day because I am 5 weeks away from removing my breast implants #explanted Friend this is not a “trend” it’s a life decision. Here I share the emotions, the tears, the laughter, the doubts, and the intimate images even in the operating room,» the host began on Facebook.

Bárbara Bermudo shares her recovery after surgery

Barbara Bermudo undergoes difficult surgery
Facebook/ Barbara Bermudo

For months, Barbara has made it clear her breast implants have been making her sick. She developed breast implant illness which has been affecting her entire body.

In the intimate images that the Puerto Rican journalist shares with us, she shows us the process since underwent surgery, how the implants were removed, her painful recovery, and the support she has received from the doctors, nurses, and of course, her husband, Mario.

She wants to help other women going through a similar situation

Facebook/ Barbara Bermudo

“This is part of my journey through ASÍA syndrome. This condition begins to develop when the body tries to expel these external objects and, when it fails, the body begins to manifest a series of symptoms that can be ignored.”

“Hundreds and hundreds of women have contacted me asking about the process. Here the first part of my testimony from the hand of very special people that without them it would have been impossible. I don’t want to say that it will happen to you but women should be attentive to the symptoms that I share at the end of the video, because it may be the reason for some of your health problems. Blessings,» said Bermudo in her Facebook video.

She shows what her recovery process is like

Facebook/ Barbara Bermudo

With this, the host seeks to help other women who have gone through a similar illness. Barbara shared intimate images of her progress, where we see her being completely transparent and receiving great support from people around her.

The images of Bárbara Bermudo’s surgery and her recovery make it clear that it is a difficult process. However, it is part of a recovery that will make her healthier and happier in the long run.

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