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Barack and Michelle Obama vote early and urge everyone to vote in the midterms

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  • Barack and Michelle Obama vote early.
  • They call for everyone to vote this year.
  • The midterm elections are on November 8.

GET OUT THE VOTE! In a rare public appearance, Barack and Michelle Obama voted early for the midterm elections that will take place on November 8. The former president and the former first lady used their social networks to ask the public to make sure they’re registered and make a plan to vote this year.

There are tight races in many states and the stakes are higher than ever this year. Recently, Georgia held the first face-to-face debate between Senate candidates Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock.


Photo: Twitter

Former US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, voted on Monday ahead of the midterm elections on November 8. They encouraged everyone to participate, reported the EFE agency.

“Michelle and I voted early today. Now is your turn. Check or update your voter registration at, then make a plan to vote early or on Election Day. Because every vote matters,” tweeted the former president.

Why did Barack and Michelle Obama vote early?

Why did they vote early?
Photo: Twitter

According to EFE, the Obamas voted in the city where they reside, Chicago, since the state of Illinois, as well as in other states such as Georgia and Michigan, have started early voting as of today.

Early voting, that is, going to the polling place to cast your vote before Election Day, and voting by mail have become very popular in the US in recent years, especially among the Democratic-leaning electorate, reported the EFE agency.

Is it different for Republicans?

Barack Michelle Obama voting: Different for Republicans?
Photo: Twitter

The majority of Republican voters, however, prefer to continue voting on Election Day which means that who is ahead can change at the very last minute.

In the legislative elections on November 8, also known as midterm elections, Americans will elect all the members of the House of Representatives, a third of the senators and thousands of local and state officials, including several governors, said EFE. Filed Under: Barack Michelle Obama vote

Are the Obamas encouraging the younger generation?

Barack Michelle Obama vote: Do they encourage the younger generation?
Photo: Twitter

Days before going out to vote, Barack Obama spoke on social media about the upcoming election and why it is important for everyone to participate. According to the former US president, this election could decide the direction of democracy in the United States. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“If we want our democracy to work, we have to show up in this election for Governors, Secretaries of State and the candidates on the ballot who are going to protect voting rights and our electoral process. Because these seats wield a lot of power, and that power matters,» Barack Obama said on social media. Filed Under: Barack Michelle Obama vote

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