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Bad Bunny is caught looking cozy with a mystery man in a Nashville gay bar

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Bad Bunny in a gay bar (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Bad Bunny in a gay bar!
  • A video is going viral on social media.
  • Who is the mystery man?

Bad Bunny’s career, despite being successful, is fraught with controversy — and this time is no exception.

A video that went viral on social media shows Bad Bunny in a gay bar, looking cozy with a mystery man.

This has caused an intense debate to break out on the internet as users speculate about his sexual orientation.

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Bad Bunny in a gay bar!

Singer, Controversy, Speculations, Celebrities, Bad Bunny in gay bar
Photo: Mezcalo

This is not the first time people have questioned Bad Bunny’s sexual preferences.

There have been several videos of Bad Bunny flirting with both men and women circulating online.

The video in question, which went viral on May 13, shows the artist in a gay bar in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tendencias en Argentina shared the video on X.

Who is the mystery man in the video?

Artist, Celebrities, Rumors, Controversy, Shock
Photo: Mezcalo

In this barely 4-second clip, Bad Bunny is hugging and kissing a mystery man on the neck while holding a cocktail.

The online reaction was immediate, with some users pointing out that the man just looked a lot like the singer, while others said that it was really him.

They shared several photos Bad Bunny posted Instagram where he is seen wearing a cap similar to the one he wears in the viral video.

Some people insisted that the mystery man was Bad Bunny’s brother, Bysael Martínez Ocasio.

Reactions on social media

Bad Bunny in a gay bar, nashville, celebrities, music, gossip
Bad Bunny in a gay bar / Photo: Meznivel

In addition, the performer’s outfit in the video matches the one he wore at a public event in Tennessee, further raising speculation.

Online reactions were mixed, with some arguing that it just showed affection between friends or family.

Some comments suggested that this episode could be part of a marketing strategy.

«It’s okay, it’s love between friends.» «He’s his brother.» «You could see it coming.» «You already knew, next topic,» were some comments.

What else did people say about the video of Bad Bunny in a gay bar?

Bad Bunny in a gay bar, nashville, celebrities, music, gossip
Photo: X / Tendencias Argentina

«Tipazo.» «I don’t know what happened.» «He’s his brother and it’s not a gay bar.» «Pretend to be surprised,» were more comments.

«And what’s wrong with that?» «Don’t fall so quickly, it’s marketing and you know it’s off in some way,» others shared.

Although Bad Bunny has said he is heterosexual in the past, he has also left open the possibility that his sexual orientation may change in the future.

This has generated much speculation. See more photos of Bad Bunny in a gay bar in Nashville HERE.

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