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Shocking predictions! Baba Vanga’s two strong visions that were fulfilled in January 2024

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Baba Vanga's fulfilled predictions, Earthquake, Attack, MundoNow, News
Baba Vanga's fulfilled predictions (Photo: Shutterstock/Getty Images)
  • Baba Vanga’s fulfilled predictions revealed
  • In January 2024 they became a reality
  • They claim that she visualized the earthquake in Japan

Unusual! A few weeks into 2024, it was reported that two of Baba Vanga’s ‘chilling’ predictions have already come true.

Once again Baba Vanga could have been right about the disasters that befell the Earth and above all, the damage it left to humanity.

It was at the end of 2023, when MundoNOW brought Baba Vanga’s five predictions that were expected for 2024 and now, they were fulfilled.

What did the Bulgarian psychic reveal? Well, apparently one of the visions involved Japan and the terrible earthquake it experienced at the beginning of the month.


Baba Vanga, Predictions fulfilled, Divination, Mysteries of the future, Surprising prophecies, Prophetic events, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

In an unusual twist that has perplexed many, two of Baba Vanga’s ‘chilling’ predictions for the year 2024 have come true.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant, known for her shocking predictions that have left a mark on the collective consciousness, seems to have been right again.

According to the portal of En Pareja Japan was shaken by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, just as the late Bulgarian clairvoyant predicted.

In light of the events, it was the Noto peninsula on the main island of Honshu that became the epicenter of the tragedy, leaving more than 200 dead in its wake.

What did the prediction say?

Earthquake in Japan, Bulgarian psychic, Paranormal phenomena, Visions of the future
Photo: AP

At the pass Baba Vanga had warned that these phenomena would be caused by climate change that continues to affect the Earth.

In the vision that was released, they revealed that «a significant geological event will affect the rivers and cause destruction.»

At the beginning, they indicated that the United States would be the country affected by these events, but with the recent events it was related to Japan.

In face of the facts, Baba Vanga’s prophecies appear to have been fulfilled with astonishing accuracy, leaving many wondering about the extent of her visions.

A nearby tsunami?

Uncertainty in 2024, Divination skills, Impact on society, Unsolved mystery
Photo: AP

Baba Vanga, whose predictions are often shrouded in an aura of mystery and skepticism, had predicted the tsunami that occurred in Japan after the earthquake.

The psychic warned that the year 2024 will be marked by an increase in natural disasters, including tsunamis in the eastern area.

The Bulgarian mystic reported in a sinister prediction that a massive tsunami is going to hit several Asian countries.

It was this January 1, that a tsunami of up to 1.2 m was generated along the Sea of ​​Japan after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale.

Systems hacks?

Uncertainty in 2024, Divination skills, Impact on society, Unsolved mystery
Photo: Shutterstock

The second of the events predicted by the fortune teller, although less in the media, is still equally surprising.

It was Baba Vanga’s warning about cyber threats that would occur this year and affect an entire country.

This occurred at the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Lebanon, which was the target of a cyber attack that caused serious damage.

The hackers managed to infiltrate the airport monitoring system and projected a message on the electronic screens, reported En Pareja.

Who caused the damage?

Natural disasters, Science and reason, Selective interpretation, Unexplained phenomena
Photo: Shutterstock

As reported The San Diego Union-Tribute, Anti-Hezbollah groups hacked information screens at Beirut international airport.

Given the intensity of the events, various people did not hesitate to relate the events to the predictions provided by Baba Vanga.

The phenomenon of predictions by Baba Vanga is not new. Over the decades, her affirmations have addressed a variety of events that came true.

Although many have questioned the authenticity of her visions the connection between her words and actual events has led some to regard her as a prominent figure in this area.

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