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Authorities reveal what caused the deadly fire in the Beer House Catina in Mexico

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  • What started the fire at the Beer House Cantina in Mexico?
  • Authorities reveal what will happen to the alleged culprit.
  • The trial against José Luis ‘N’ has already begun.

What caused the Beer House Cantina fire. Authorities are investigating the cause of the deadly fire at the Beer House Cantina in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. This comes after it was announced that a suspect has been arrested.

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Fire at Beer House Cantina kills 12 people

What Caused the Beer House Fire
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The devastating fire tragically killed at least 12 people and injured many others. Shockingly, some of the victims turned out to be members of the Mitosis group. The mayor of San Luis Río Colorado shared information about the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, shedding light on what happened.

The horrifying incident occurred on Saturday, July 22, when an individual, who had reportedly been removed from the Beer House Cantina for harassing women, came back for revenge.

What caused the fire at the Beer House Cantina

What Caused the Beer House Fire
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The man believed to be responsible for the tragedy, allegedly used a Molotov cocktail to start the deadly blaze. The devastating attack claimed the lives of 12 individuals, while four others suffered serious injuries.

Following the initial hearing on Monday, July 24, the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office presented compelling evidence, leading the judge to validate the information and link the defendant to the case. The charges filed against 28-year-old Jose Luis «N» include eleven counts of qualified homicide, six counts of attempted homicide, and aggravated damage by fire, according to El Heraldo de México.

Everything indicates that Jose Luis «N» was to blame for the tragedy

What Caused the Beer House Fire
Photo: Getty Images

The State Prosecutor’s Office has been diligently investigating the case, aiming to establish that José Luis «N» is responsible for the tragic incident at the Beer House Cantina, which resulted in the loss of at least 12 lives and injuries to others. The devastating events took place on Saturday, July 22, at approximately 01:33 a.m.

According to El Heraldo de Mexico, the man was angry because he had been ejected from the bar by the security guards. This happened after reports that he was harassing and bothering several women there.

The suspect could get life in prison

He is expected to receive a sentence that could keep him in jail for life.
Photo: Getty Images

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office has diligently gathered evidence in the aftermath of the tragedy, including witness accounts as well as video footage from the bar’s security cameras. Based on this evidence, it has been established that Jose Luis «N» bears full responsibility for the horrific incident.

The authorities are determined to seek the maximum possible penalty. Once the 28-year-old man’s trial concludes, they plan to ask for a sentence of life in prison.

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