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Australian says all Mexicans are fat and criticizes the country’s cuisine

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  • Australian TikToker Andrew Vashevnik says all Mexicans are fat.
  • He later deleted the controversial video.
  • He also criticized Mexican cuisine.

Mexico is known for its cuisine and thousands of people travel to the country to try their famous tacos and other delicious Mexican food. However, an Australian TikToker recently criticized Mexicans, saying they’re fat because of the country’s cuisine.

Andrew Vahsvnik stated that Mexican food makes people fat, which enraged Mexicans who were quick to express their anger in the comments.

Australian TikToker says Mexican food is unhealthy

American points out on TikTok that Mexican food is unhealthy
PHOTO: Twitter/TikTok

As often happens on social media, a TikTok user who claims to be a culinary expert criticized the way Mexicans eat, saying that the country’s food is very unhealthy and greasy.

User @itsandrewv ended up deleting the video after people complained but other users began sharing it on Twitter and it went viral.

Australian says all Mexicans are fat

American assures that all Mexicans are fat
PHOTO: Twitter/TikTok

After Andrew Vashevnik criticized Mexican cuisine for being greasy and unhealthy, users were insulting, saying he was calling Mexicans fat and unhealthy.

The Australian said on TikTok: «Mexicans are angry because I said that their tacos and their traditional food are high in calories because they overcook it. That’s what the tortilla looks like if you fry it too much, and then they put sauce or cream on it to do it. ‘Healthy’, no, it’s not, stop now.”

A TikTok user reacts to Vashevnik’s video

TikTok user reacts to the video of the American

It is often said that Mexicans multiply when a situation occurs, and this was the case here, because a user @senor_barragon did not sit idly by and posted a response.

«Mexican food is high in calories, Mexicans eat Mexican food, so they are more likely to be overweight from the food of their culture,» said @itsandrewv in a mocking tone.

Señor Barragon claps back

User responds to the statements of the American

Señor Barragon did not sit idly by and came out to defend Mexican cuisine. He declared the following, «Look Andrew, it seems that you want a little attention so let me give it to you, for starters, Mexican is not a race, it is a nationality. It clearly sounds like you don’t know anything about Mexican cuisine.»

However, he didn’t stop there: «It seems that you lack some culture, brother, because you are only generalizing the Mexican people, in the United States people are overweight, it has nothing to do with Mexican food, I could lower myself to your level but I’m not going to do it. This whole thing about the evil villain that you have is going to attract attention but not in the way you want.»

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